Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Gramma Nina visit

Gramma Nina, Me, Gramma Momma
Mario's mom picked up where my mom left off.  They overlapped for a night and during our evening walk, talked the entire time.  I am guessing they were discussing something in relation to their kids, or kids and grandkids in general.  Both are named Mary and so until Xavi gives them each their own special name...we will call Mary Melendez, Gramma Nina ( cousin Diana's nickname for her) and Mary Larsen, Gramma Momma (what the other three grandkids call her). 

Mario and his mom studying Xavi.
It must be quite a feeling to see your son's face in another.

Gramma Nina made her famous salsa, cleaned our kitchen floors, walked and fed dogs, fed Mario and I, and did a LOT of dishes.  Washing dishes is both of our least favorite chore so, to have someone else take over that, even just for a week, was so nice.  I was able to rest and take care of Xavi without worrying about anything else.  We watched Bristol Palin somehow make it into the Dancing with the Stars finale (my first experience watching the show) and reaquainted ourselves with handsome Robert Redford in "The Way We Were". And of course, she was more than willing to help hold Xavi anytime she could. 

Aunt Lala (Mario's sister) and her friend, Greg made a few trips up to share in Gramma's visit. 
It's always fun to have them come up from San Diego.

Although Mario had to return to school and work,
he had time to hold his son while mom took care of the cooking and cleaning. 
 I spent a lot of time asking Mary about what Mario was like as a baby, as a boy...I imagine that Xavi will be a lot like him, introspective, independent, fun, and gifted...but most of all, I imagine he doesn't have much chance of escaping both of our innate intensity (and did I mention stubbornness?).  It will be fun to watch Xavi's unique personality come out more and more as time goes by. 
Xavi showing Gramma one of his many funny faces.

Our angel.

Watching a movie together.
 While Gramma Nina was with us, her fifth son, Luis and his wife Laura, had a boy...Xavi's cousin, Vince Rocky.  (Exactly a week apart, we hope they will grow up together like brothers.) So, although she was probably sad to leave us, she had another baby to go home to. 

Gramma's birthday was on her last day with us so we celebrated with breakfast at a great little crepe place by the pier, one of our favorite things to do, and walked around downtown San Clemente.  It was a beautiful morning and Xavi cooperated by sleeping through it all.
What does Gramma see?  Another handsome Melendez boy. 
Mother and son...a special relationship.

Beautiful day for a felt so good to be out.
We were honored to have her with us on her special day.
We said good bye after a nice 10 day rest but knowing that we will be together again soon in El Paso for Mario's birthday in January.  Thank you for coming!

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