Thursday, January 6, 2011

The "I need something" episode

Today I was doing what I do every two hours, nursing Xavi, but I was trying to post a blog at the same time.  I mean...might as well try to do something while he is busy eating, right?  I don't always do this..mostly I love the nursing thing and stay in the present moment, but a mom's got to do what a mom's got to do.  And for me...I want to catch up on my posting so that gramma can see how far we've come. 

Jamming in my jammies. 
As I was typing, I became aware that there are these little legs kicking away but think he's just into eating...then a fist pops me in the chest and I look down.  Xavi looks right at me, starts talking...crinkling his brow as he does.  I think maybe he needs to burp...and he does (the puke went down my back and somehow ended up on my butt...this was a new thing.  The puke isn't...leaving the house is like this - cute, pre-pregnancy jeans? Check.  Fashionable nursing top that makes it easier to whip a breast out?  check.  Puke on one or both shoulders plus in my hair?  Check.  But I digress)...after the burp, the kicking, punching, talking doesn't stop, it escalates.  I stop again and look down..he smiles and reaches up at me.  And finally I get it...he needs something - he needs me to pay attention to him.  Not multi task (which I am queen of) but to simply sit and be with him while he eats.  I can do that...

Then he really got going...

My nephew Owen is quite the character and coined the phrase (literally!) I NEED SOMETHING...when he was little he would say to his mom.."I NEED something."  Rachel would ask "what do you need?"...he'd invariably look around the kitchen trying to figure out what he wanted to eat.  " I NEED a protein shake!"  Rachel laughed and said, " You don't NEED a protein shake."  Owen replied, "I WANT a protein shake!"

My nephew, 4.5 years old. 
Today when Xavi was kicking me and gurgling at me in his two month old language to pay attention to him, he was saying " I NEED something!"  And all he needed was me.  I can do that. 

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