Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Texas Wedding

 We flew to Austin, Texas for Leif and Jenna's wedding.  It was in Wimberley, Texas Hill Country and boy, was it hot!  The best part was cooling off in the water behind the house we stayed looks a bit more like a pond due to the awful drought conditions.  Xavi didn't seem to mind.  He splashed and kicked and squealed to be put back in. 

 I finally got to meet many of the special people I've heard so much about from Mario, Seth, and Leif.  Quality human who still serve and men who have served.  Women who loved, lost, and still support their men in service.  Others who were instant dear souls and more that seemed like family.  I guess I realized how much I crave friendships and loved the time we had to spend with these wonderful people. 
Lisa and Xavi at the beautiful Lejos home we stayed in.

Debbie was there so that we could attend the parties and services at night...she's such a blessing.
Not just our "nanny" but a friend and super woman.

Leif's sisters:  Lala, Merit, and Kirsten...loved the Babin family!

All of Leif's men

Watching her walk down the aisle

It's official...Mr and Mrs!

Donkey bearing cold beers

Lisa, Marisa, and Kelly...some of the gorgeous "wives club" members

Bride and Groom entering the sword arch

Only an appropriate kiss gets them through to the next

My handsome man in uniform

Loved the "choker whites"...
Mario got blood on his pants when they were screwing around with the swords (..boys!)

At the airport heading home...Xavi had a blast with his three favorite people all in a row

watching the world go by with his dad.
What else can I say?  Although I'm glad to be home and NOT on an airplane with a very busy boy...I'm so glad we went, so glad we had Debbie so that Mario and I had some time to ourselves (And DANCE til all hours!), so glad we saw Leif get married, meet his family, and get to know more of the "community" glad we eloped! :) 

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