Saturday, January 29, 2011

The First Flight...a trip "home" - Melendez Family

On Mario's birthday we flew to El Paso, TX to meet the rest of the Melendez family, including Xavi's cousin, Vince, who is exactly one week younger.  Xavi was a real trooper, fussing minimally during each leg of the flight (both ways).  It was our first "gear test" and good practice for when I go back to work. 

Grampa and Xavi first meeting
Gramma Nina, Grampa, and Xavi..what a poser, huh? Yes, those are dimples ;)

Xavi and Vince meet for the first time...

Cousins AJ and Elena holding the boys

Happy Birthday Mario and Carlos!

Luis and Lucy  (mother of AJ and Elena)

Mario and Luis are 14 months apart but were often mistaken for twins when growing up.  Now these brothers have sons that are a week apart.  It goes without saying that we hope our boys can grow up together...being mistaken for twins.  Here they are on first meeting...
Mario has Vince (left) and Luis has Xavi (right)..You can see Xavi "mad dogging" his papa..

And here he is laughing with his dad...papa is just so funny!

Mario and Xavi, Luis and Vince...matching facial expressions. 

We joked about the boys and the "conversations" that they had after first introduction. We made conjectures about their personalities and put words into their mouths...Xavi as the party, confident boy ready to plan all kinds of mischief.  All along talking Vince into different schemes and night "missions".  Vince was the voice of caution and shall we say, reason?  "Are you sure about this Xavi?...Are we going to get in trouble?...What if mom catches us? Maybe you should put a shirt on..."  Sounds like what it must've been like during the days of Mario and Luis, hmmmm. 
Vince and Xavi..planning and scheming already
The Melendez' live 2.5 hours from the mountains of Ruidoso, New Mexico and so we rented a house for all of us for the weekend.  Families, baby stuff, groceries, beer, and Mama's salsa...we walked in the trails, watched Green Bay and Chicago win, drank beer, played pool, went sledding, and ate smores.  It was a fun time and it's always worth the "trouble" to pull it all together. 
Andy and Lucy (back row), Mario, MB w/ Xavi, Gramma Nina, Laurie, Elena, Laura, and Luis w/Vince

Xavi in his new fleece suit...enjoying the "exercise" (aka sleeping in the carrier)

Self inflicted photo trying to get the view in the photo

Auntie Lala, Gramma Nina, Luis, and Mario on the deck of the house

Laura and Vince, MB and Xavi "enjoying" the bear game (note the Bears colors on the boys)

The rental house with an awesome view...Laurie even "adopted" a deer that hung out in the yard

The view from our deck...amazing blue sky, crisp fresh air, and snowy mountains.

Uncle Luis and the boys...such a natural kid magnet.
We even got to see our Ponch.  He remembered us and kissed us as much as he could get away with.  He kissed Xavi and hoped he would get to come home with us too.  I cried saying good bye to him but feel good knowing that he is loved and is getting the attention he so desparately needs everyday. 

Our boy, Xavi, is lucky to also have so many people that love him so much and so many arms that want to hold him.  The moments we have together as a family are so precious and none are guaranteed.  We've learned to be in every minute as we really don't know how many more they may be.  Each hug may be the last and each visit may be a good just don't know.  Hold on to the good times and let go of the bad.  But most of all... love your family like tomorrow will never come. 
Love to the Melendez clan...Thanks for a  great visit!

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  1. It looked like a wonderful visit in a very special place! Happy Birthday Mario! Vince and Xavi are beautiful babies, but I have a feeling that those cousins might just be "trouble" some day!