Thursday, April 28, 2011

March's trip to WI - First day of "school"

In March, Xavi and I traveled to Wisconsin for my first work trip back to the "home office".  It was a very busy week and his first days at "school" aka VitaKids daycare center across the street from my office.  We were exhausted by the time we got home and we both got colds either from daycare, the flight, the change in temperatures/weather, or from being so tired...enjoy the montage. 

Waiting at LAX...our gear, my tea, and Xavi's traveling sweatsuit

We washed everything thoroughly...but enjoyed the last stretch before the 4 hour flight.
It even snowed! Xavi's first snow
Great Gramma Mimi

Finally a big smile for everyone's favorite great gramma
Rachel and family came down to see us...first photo of Xavi with Cousins Owen and Gabby

Auntie Rachie and Uncle Roger

Are you my mother?  Xavi giving kisses
My boy, Owen...such a big boy.  I remember the day he was born! Wow, how time flies!
My dear friend Jackie and her GIRL (after 3 boys), Geneva Charlynn

They came down to visit with us as well...just two weeks apart in age. Future friends for life!

Neva, are you tickling Xavi?

My beautiful friend

Look Auntie Lori Jo...can you do this?
Granna Momma and her two "babies"

First day of school (and work for me)

Happy baby!

Playing with Gramma

She's so much fun!

Beautiful walk in beautiful Wisconsin...beautiful momma!

Checking out Grampa's hands...

Mama, Grampa, and Xavi's hands...he definitely got the family gene.

I was so nervous taking him to daycare...well, here we are again, my boy saying "it's ok mom...I got this!" 
He was a star and had a wonderful time with the VitaKids teachers and kids...this picture was published in the daily newsletter to parents. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sunny days

Sometimes a picture says it all

Daddy petting both the "kids"

And both showing their tummies for more

Even if the sun doesn't shine outside...we catch a glimpse everyday no matter what. 
He's the light of our life.

We had our six month check up today...90th percentile for length (27 1/4), 65th % for weight (17.6), and 65th for head size. Maybe he'll be tall and slender yet oh so strong?  Is it too soon to tell?  heehee  Either way, Xavi's in great health and wouldn't sit still for any of it.  Mario and I took turns juggling him from sitting to standing to squirming over one shoulder to the other while the doctor poked and checked...and tried to talk in between (and over) his outbursts and exclamations. Like I said...the light of our life.  Thank you Lord for our healthy boy.    

Easter 2011

Happy Easter!

Xavi was up at 3 am...probably because he was so excited for the Easter Bunny?  Or to see his little girl friend, Noelani?  Either way, Xavi and I both went back to bed and slept until 9:30 (usually he is the only one that takes a morning nap).  So, there was pretty much no way we were going to attempt a church service.  Miss Debbie came by with a cute little Easter basket for the boy and he told her all about his rough weekend...

everything must go in the mouth first...

Still tired, he fussed his way through lunch, another nap time, slept in the car on the way to our friends, the Kumjin's, but stayed awake for Easter dinner.  He even tried to smash their glass dining table...he's been doing that a lot lately...wanting to smash stuff and getting frustrated when his limbs don't work the way he wants them to.

in the mouth..14 month old Noelani sharing her toy train with Xavi
whoa...who's steering this thing?
I think my clutch is sticking...but I don't care cause I got a pretty girl by my side. 

Maybe it's the weather...chilly and cloudy...that's got him "down".  But this has definitely been one of those weekends when he whines constantly and I am sure ready for a break.  My instinct is to "find" what's wrong with him and FIX it...I want to know WHY he seems miserable.  Sigh...I guess it is one of those mysteries that may or may not ever be answered and another instance of relinquishing control...sigh.   Until then I will stop drinking my evening glass of Guiness (for milk production, of course)...and pray for sunshine.

"Day" at the Beach

Weeks since dad's last free weekend - 5

Days anticipating  a day at the beach and possible surf session - 7

Minutes spent getting beach things together - 45

Number of cars waiting in line for a spot on the beach - 25

Minutes unloading the van and setting up pack n play at the beach - 15'

Hours dad got to surf - 1

Total nap taken - 30 minutes

Hours mom got to surf - 0

Minutes to pack entire ensemble up again - 30

Memories made of  a "day" cut very short due to windy weather and a whiny boy -

Never fear...all was not lost as we went home to get out of the wind and enjoyed some sun in our protected little yard...and napped, again.
My boys in their trunks...just hanging out

Please forgive us...

We had a nice walk in the sunshine
Kiki time before tubby time