Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy First Halloween

We didn't go trick or treating...but we did dress up in a quickly becoming too small costume and drive over to Miss Debbie's house for some treats and fun.  Mostly we practiced going up the stairs and pushing our new train and cars on the floor.
stair intervals

Miss Debbie and her Halloween deely bobbers

Punkin lantern

winding down for the night...yawwwnnnn...sleepy time in the car after good times.
 I can't help but think of where we were last Halloween...just a few days before our little Xavi arrived. We certainly didn't go trick or treating or party like rockstars...but I did dress up (in the privacy of our home).  My sister Lori is queen of dressing up and costumes...she even had a handmade Xena costume one year in college.  For once, I FINALLY had a good costume ...ah well.  The irony of it all. 
ahhh, the classic Catholic school girl outfit with a hilarious (to me) twist

 Next year, we'll ring a few doorbells and say "Trick or Treat", please, and thank you.  Maybe I can think of another good costume between now and then...for all of us. 

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