Friday, February 18, 2011

The Green Bay Packers

We cheered for the green n gold but since his Packer outfits are all just a bit too big yet...we made sure we wore our "business" socks.  Go Pack!  Woo hoo...what a game!

Papa  humored Mom and didn't root against Green Bay...even though it "should've been da Bears".

The Trip to Washington DC

Last Saturday, we flew from CA to the other coast with our 3 month old baby...I didn't sleep the night before we left.  I was gripped by anxiety about how he would handle both 3 hour legs of the trip plus layover, the 3 hour time difference, the unfamiliar surroundings, dry hotel air, mom working and not on call...well, he handled it like a trooper.  I ended up getting sick from all my stressing. 
Super Traveler

Cool Customer...Chill Mom!  I got this...
But I packed well...we had a poopy explosion before we even got on the first plane.  Good thing I had an extra outfit.  Then we had a peepee pants leak...good thing I had TWO spare outfits.  Now, I'll just have to figure out another color to wear since puke stands out on black all too well.  I got a system down...we boarded early as we could, plop stuff at seats and head for the toilets on board.  I sat in there and nursed him until I thought most people were on...then we stood in the back rocking and bouncing  (or flirting with the flight attendants...Xavi not me) until we had to go sit down.  He fell asleep on take off or nursed a bit more...and napped.  When he woke up, we played and walked the aisles til he got sleepy again.  Repeat...all 4 flights. 

We got to visit the Diakoulas family in Maryland while we were there.  Gus, Harriett, Mara, and Alexa were all there and although it was way too short, we had some quality time with Mario's second family. 

Wearing his big boy jeans and polo new favorite outfit!
I handed out scholarships, gave a presentation to the women's forum, and had business meetings.  Mario bonded with his son...walking the halls, walking the streets of DC, playing games...practicing eating from a bottle (not Xavi's favorite). 

you can just see the white house in the distance...just three blocks away.

Xavi wants us to buy a chandelier for at home...maybe we'll consider it.  It sure helped stop his crying. 
Lisa offered to watch the boy so that we could go out for dinner...our very first date since Xavi was born.  It was really gratifying to have some time to check in with each other as adult human beings...not just a puke covered, diaper changing milk truck.  We would've been fine if we'd not lost track of time (2 hours would've been perfect)...but we lingered over coffee and got back after 20 minutes of yelling.  Sigh...I think he'll be ok, right?  We are better off for the time together...for sure!
"Auntie" Lisa saves the day!  Thank you so much!

Once all the business was done and we could head was another day of planes, trains, and automobiles until we were finally in our little nest again.  The relief we felt was HUGE...and we were all in one piece no less.  Home Sweet Home indeed. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Mario and I are amazed each time we think "we are parents! I'm a're a dad!".  It blows my mind to think that I am someone's mom...I mean, cmon, really?  Someone gave ME a child??  (Stop laughing Rachel!)  I am a huge klutz and never was much of a kid person.  That is until I became an aunt 4.5 years ago.  Then I got a taste of the overwhelming love a parent has for their child.  Now, although I am a bit relieved everytime Xavi takes a nap or goes to bed at night, it is soon replaced by missing him and looking forward to him waking up again.  Mario and I both perk up when we hear his little wake up noises and we rush in together to see him.  It's a precious thing to pick up your baby and hold him close, nuzzled in your neck.  Mario melts everytime he picks Xavi up and I have to say there is nothing I like to see more than my man holding our baby.  So, I decided that it was a good time for a dad photo "montage".  I wish I could set it to music...oh wait - the music of our lives.  Ready Go!
 Everybody has been saying that Xavi looks like me...I can see it now, but I also can see the boy he will one day be..and am sure he'll look a lot like his papa.  Take a look at these photos and see if you agree. 

Early on, Xavi's favorite pacifier was papa's pinky

I include the next two because Mario took the pictures laughing "hysterically" all the while (Ok, as hysterically as Mario gets (not very)...that's usually my department.)

I think I drank too much...
Ugh...what did I eat?

Mario is currently finishing his Master's in Acupuncture Oriental Medicine and his Master's in clinical nutrition, while starting his Doctorate of Physical Therapy.  He will start a new job in March and is in the Navy Reserves.  He will deploy next year.  We love our precious "Papa time" and I know that each minute is so very special.  I couldn't do it without him and look forward to what else the journey has for us.  But for now, I just wanted to enjoy looking at my two favorite guys again. 

Every day I am thankful for all that I have been given, especially the second (and third and fourth,etc) chances...This journey will be all that I could hope for because of the partner I have.  Everytime I see Mario with Xavi, I am so glad he took that chance to talk to me, at an event he didn't want to be at, on a trip he wasn't supposed to be on, in a profession he is no longer pursuing, following a new direction of life, after being given the opportunity to live, by men who gave their that we could have Xavi. 

The First Book

I love to read and always have.  I remember my first word (M-I-L-K), my first book with chapters ("King of the Wild" (Horse book, duh) first trilogy (The Lord of the Rings)...and of course I loved all things Beverly Cleary (Ramona and Beezus, etc).  Last night, Xavi and I "read" our very first book together..Zoo Friends(Amigos del Zoologico).  And mind you, I don't speak Spanish.  Xavi will (I hope!!!). 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Today's smiles

What a week!  I just wanted to post some happy smiles for Xavi's fans out there.
 Yes, he is handsome. 
happy with no pants, only his "business socks".

Yes, he fills our hearts with joy.

 Yes, he is learning to sleep on his own. 
(Thanks to Joanna for her help and to all who offered advice on how to.)

Happy mama.  Happy family.  Happy home. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Auntie Jewely visit

 Auntie Jewely came to visit us from the snowy cold mountains of Colorado. The weather was perfect - sunny, warm, clear, and most importantly, the surf was "up".  A new swell arrived just in time for her to enjoy the frigid Pacific Ocean (57 degrees) and I even got in my first surf since early in my pregnancy.  She was a breath of fresh air and definitely gave me some insight in how to pursue an active lifestyle AND be a great mommy.  I loved that she said..."sometimes it's NOT fun (to take an infant out of the house, go to the beach, brave the sun/wind/sand discomfort, try to still hit scheduled  nap time w/o a crib, hold him while he cries and people stare, nurse him to quiet him while people stare, haul all the extra paraphenilia, and get in a surf while someone else holds him, crying), but it is necessary to persevere because it WILL get better , it WILL get you out of the house, and it WILL be the best times you can remember (someday!).  It was very encouraging and we tried it while she was there.
Xavi got lots of love, kisses, and hugs.

Diego did, too.  Much to his relief and enjoyment.

Quality time playing on the floor

Long walks on the beach and in the warm sun.

Chill time in the hammock

So cute, huh?  Traded her bike for a surfboard.

My boy

Beach bum

Diego enjoying some long walks on the beach, too.

She surfed til her shoulders were sore and tired.  It was awesome to see her catch a few good waves (and a few more that ALMOST were).  She cooked for us and I was cracked up listening to her and Mario in the kitchen working together.  Jewely is never afraid to say what is on her mind, exactly what she is thinking.  I love it and love that I can count on her to stick up for what is right, and for those she loves no matter the circumstance, no matter the cost.  I guess it's our turn to get to Colorado and let her take me down a mountain or two.  Yikes :)

The 12 week old Xavi

Xavi turned 12 weeks yesterday.  At his 2 month check up, he weighed almost 13.5 pounds and measured 24 the last week, he doubled in size...not really, but he's been growing so much.  All of  a sudden he didn't fit in any of his 3 month clothes.  I had to pull out his 3-6 month jammies and 6 month onesies/pants.  His feet were about to break through his baby jammies anyway, so even if he has a bit of room to grow, his feet are MUCH more comfortable in his "big boy" clothes.

Last week, at 11 weeks old, Xavi rolled over.  He did it so quickly that it took my by total surprise.  I had just started doing regular tummy time on the floor with him and all of a sudden, boom...he was on his back.  I squealed and since then have been trying to catch him on video in action...and FINALLY caught this today.  I'm such a proud mama. 

I went back to work this week and we have a nanny that is helping during the day.  I am thankful that when I am not traveling, I can work from home...but I still teared up handing him over that morning.  And when they went for a walk, he cried until they got going down the street...I sat at my desk and cried, too.  I am sure I'll get used to it and once back in the swing of things, I'll be happy to be working for Standard Process.   We have our first business trip coming up in a week and a DC.  Will keep you posted on how that goes...