Friday, November 30, 2012

Mr. Giggles

Here's something to warm your heart.  Nico's sweet smile and face do it for me every time.  This is the first time we caught him laughing outloud.  Too fun!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


 I never had professional photos of Xavi taken...always meant to but never got around to it.  I found Sheri Wade and she took some before Mario left.  Nico was just 2.5 weeks old. It wasn't easy to organize the shots (meaning it was almost impossible to get Xavi to do what we wanted him to do (SMILE) when we wanted him to do it ) and she took a lot...I've posted some of the best and then some others.  First, Christmas card contenders:

 We took some at home and some at Poche's beach.  There is a 9-11 memorial that was set up informally at first but over time has become more official.  We thought it fitting considering what we were about to embark on as a family and considering how thankful we are to have been born in the greatest country on earth.  With two boys now, it feels like we are now without a doubt a FAMILY.  I'm grateful every day to be an American with the opportunities and freedoms that its citizens enjoy (whether we like the elected officials or not...and I currently do NOT, but that is beside the point of this blog) AND that my boys will know these freedoms and opportunities as well.  At least that is what I hope and pray.
And now for the rest of the story...
Nico peed on me in this shot...

Profiles in mischief making

Just getting big ordeal, right?
 None of the following pose made the cut:
Kids not looking and Nico is doing Popeye face

Still doing Popeye, Mario trying to help

And we are just about done on the stairs...
Yep.  Done.

He couldn't give one of his million dollar grins here?  Nope.  Beautiful boy though, huh?
Can you guess what he is asking for here?
This would be adorable but...not going on the Christmas card.
This one won't be either...but you can definitely see where Xavi gets his big mouth.  

No smile, hands in mouth, desperately waving to mom...sigh, we got the shot anyway.  See above..Papa and his boys!
This would have been a great shot without little monkey hands in the background.  Still precious.
Absolutely nothing wrong here...beautiful man with beautiful baby.  

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thomas and Perfectionism?

Xavi is all about trains these days...specifically Thomas the train and his friends.  To date, we have all 8 of the main characters (Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, and Emily) plus 7 extras (Rosie, Charley, Belle, Diesel 10, Salty, Diesel, and Spencer), 1 light up pumpkin, and 1 caboose.  Plus a few others from different train sets.
I find various arrangements of these trains lined up all throughout the house and sometimes outside too. I've made the mistake of trying to rearrange, straighten, or move any one of these arrangements and inadvertently set off a tantrum, more than once.  Other guests have done the same.
Xavi has them lined up in a very specific order, very specific grouping, and very specific position.  I've tried to add one that he "forgot" and again, witness a flurry of arms, legs, and "NOOOO!"  He knows exactly what he is doing with them and so I've learned to leave them as I find them.  (Except once, I couldn't stand it and after he went to bed, I arranged them in order by train number, regulars in front and extras in back...hmmm, anyone hear anything OCD about that?)...well, when he woke up in the morning, he yelled "NOOOO!" and set about arranging them as he left them the night before.  He remembered!!!  Silly mama.

Most nights, our bedtime routine consists of "TAKE"; which means taking the trains by hand into the bedroom to line up on his shelf.  By hand means NOT by using the bucket or shoe box or anything other than what he deems appropriate. When he wakes up in the morning, he goes and brings them back out into the living room for more play.
Even when he eats, he chooses who will get to eat with him and lines them up very specifically next to his plate.  Incidentally, he also lines up his plate, cup, IPad, and any other item on the table JUST SO.  Lately, he's taken to putting my food on his special plate to even out the proportions if uneven.
Thomas and his friends have been in many places...including the dishwasher!
And behind the front door...getting some sun?
He has the take n play quarry climb and drop play set but he doesn't really use any of the "fancy" stuff that the play set does.
 The once bench seat is now cleared off of all other toys to make room for him to run trains.  He allowed me to set up the track but that was it.
Xavi got an alphabet train puzzle for his birthday and we lined that up on the floor...such fun!
But it was even more fun to immediately dismantle and spread all over...Now why is it ok to mess these up but not his trains?  Hmmmm...
Check out this video.  18 month old Xavi is lining up his balls as he practices kicking against the couch.  Amazing, right? Or is that just the mama talking?

I've been told that this specificity, this lining up of his toys is a sign of significant intelligence.  Well, of course!  I could have told you that.  (hee hee)  What I see is a little boy who knows what he wants and mostly he wants things in order.  Is this an early sign of a perfectionist in training?  Lord, I hope not!  I do, however,  know that there will be a few days ahead where I will hear from the boys' bedroom "MOM!  Nico is messing up my stuff!"

Monday, November 26, 2012

OnToday's Menu...Insanity

Today was one of those days.  It all started at 3:50am and just finished around 9:35pm...just a few moments ago, there was a small possibility that I was going to murder the dog if he woke up the baby after all today had to offer.  Luckily for him, Nico settled back in.  I am going to just sit here thinking happy thoughts and drinking tea while I pretend that it is scotch.  All I can say is soooo much poop and sooo many tantrums today...oh and did I mention my memory is gone?  So if I forget your name next time we talk, woman who birthed me (mom)...keep in mind that I probably don't remember my own at this point. 

I need a bit of help so I'm posting some cute, fun memories for today.  
Hope they make you laugh too.  Hope you didn't need them as much as I do.  

PS - And to top it off?  I couldn't get any of my favorite videos to post...arrrgh.  Gonna go have some REAL scotch..and try again tomorrow.  It's a new day, right?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Love us some Auntie Lori Jo

Lori came to visit us the week before Thanksgiving for just a few days...but when she left, she left a giant hole. Usually I worry most about how Xavi will handle saying good bye to our visitors.  It seems to take him a little while to enjoy having them there but then when they leave, it takes a few days for him to get used to them being gone.  This time, Xavi didn't have a chance to warm up to Lori...she came bounding in as only Lori does, scooped him up and they were best buds from the start.  He let her read him stories, played train up her legs and over the mountains (haha), and asked her to carry him.  Lori also rocked little Nico to sleep, changed diapers, did dishes, and in general, got us in ship shape.  I loved having her here, having her felt one of those things you wish for all the time but then when she is in our little cottage, I couldn't quite believe it.  So when she was especially hard and I felt really down for the first time since Mario left.  Funny thing is that Rachel left me a voicemail without knowing how I was doing, and she said "I hope you aren't too sad.  I know Auntie Lori is such a big presence and is such fun that it's extra hard when she leaves".  And its true.  She's a very special friend and very special person.  There's no one like her.  My favorite thing about her visits?  That she brings a huge suitcase and almost always wears the same thing the whole time.  hee hee
We miss you and can't wait til next time.  Here's some shots from our visit:

Xavi found Lori's necklace and kept putting it on.  I think it goes perfectly with his outfit.

We watched this digger while out on a walk.

he got tired of walking and reached up to her..she didn't hesitate.

Does Auntie Lori need the pacifier or was it Nico?

Decorating brother is such fun...

Our flower child

Xavi's new special bed when we have guests...reading Llama Llama while he jumps around.  

Dancing over brother, while nude...I wasn't sure Nico would appreciate the view

And of course, we didn't take a photo together until she was leaving...and we weren't looking our best.  Oh well.
See you soon dear friend.