Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Au Natural

In case you haven't noticed, Xavi isn't a fan of pants, diapers, or shoes...and sometimes his shirt.

Getting him dressed is a wrestling match that increases my heart rate every time.  Almost everyday, he ends up fully dressed.  But more often than not, I let him run around in a few variations of undressed: shirt, no pants, no diaper; diaper only; diaper and shirt; socks only; pants, no shirt; and au natural.  I'm certainly not a nudist, nor did I come from an immodest family...but I don't have hang ups with him running around naked in safe environments.  I have a few legitimate (at least to me) reasons why I allow him to do so...
Making a list like mama does...."reasons I should get to be naked more often"

1.  I'm hoping it makes potty training easier.  There is a "method" that can be taught almost from birth and it involves maintaining the baby's awareness of how it feels to pee, poop, and allows the parent to take note of their child's individual "tells" that they all have indicating when they are going.  Mostly it involves allowing the baby/child to have time sans diaper but requires supervision and following around with a pot or something to catch the waste.  Spending all day everyday in a diaper dampens their awareness and teaches them to go in their pants...all of which has to be undone when potty training commences.  I have to admit that although my intention was to allow Xavi to maintain an awareness and I have a potty that we used for training... but there was a good chunk of time that I was too distracted to follow up as I should have.  So we aren't having any miracle results in getting him trained early, but he is aware AND he can tell me before, during, and after he goes...just not every time.  So there are days that I do end up cleaning up more poop than I care to admit and my poor mom's carpet has been frustrated by this more than once. Still, he knows what is happening with his body and I continue to believe that this will help us in the eventuality of potty training.
Helping Auntie Rachie water the lawn in Minnesota...sans pants

Hanging out at Gramma Mimi's and playing with her toys...sans pants
Beautiful Gramma Mimi and Xavi...both WITH pants on

2.  He's a little boy.  How long do we as humans have to be as innocent as he is right now?  How long do we have to run around nude, to skinny dip without shame, and to converse without our pants on?  Not long...3?  4 years tops?  So my intention is for him to make the most of the time that he has to be truly innocent and free.
Summer vacation officially starts when you can get nude and watch the sunset...surveying Gramma and Grampa's beautiful property

3.  I'm trying to save on diapers?  Disposables get expensive and the cloth diapers need to be washed every other day.
Happiness is having a huge "bucket" of sand to drive trucks, dig, and dump all over...while being nude

4.  He loves being in his natural state of dress.  Who am I to deny him this pleasure, this fun, and the practicality of being sans pants?  There is no safety long as we are in a safe environment...with family and friends.  In my opinion, there is no reason for me to insist on pants...I'm the one that has to clean up after him and I'm the one that has to wrestle him into diaper and pants (99% of the time).  Sometimes I choose to simply skip the fight and allow him to be happy...if all it takes is something as simple as taking off his pants?  Why not?  There will be plenty of times and issues in the future that I will HAVE to insist on him obeying, doing things he doesn't want to do, and denying him pleasure.  I reserve my energy for those days and choose to allow him this small, short lived pleasure.
Taking a cue from the monkeys we saw at the zoo

Wearing mama's "bling"...this locket has a photo of Mario and one of Xavi
Xavi often asked to wear it during the last training block.  

At least I got his shoes on!

Checking out what was happening at the neighbors...sans shirt

5.  I'm letting him "air out"?  Sometimes his bum gets sore because he has a BM every time he eats (some days more often) and sometimes the cloth diapers' elastic digs into his poor little skin.
I'm pretty sure he just escaped this time...wanted to get a jump on the mowing I guess
This was at 830am...airing out from the overnight diaper?

6.  I don't have a problem with the appropriate setting.  I grew up dressing and undressing for swim practice in a locker room almost everyday for ten years.  I also had three sisters and we sometimes showered together if time was tight or it was necessary.  We didn't fight about people hogging the bathroom even though we only had one for the four of us, because there was usually more than one of us in there at any given time.  We also loved to skinny dip...NOT in mixed company of course, but it was fun for two, three, or four of us to drop our towels when it got dark (ok, we did it occasionally in the day but the trees blocked the property from view) and swim, sans suits.  What a great feeling!  It was normal to us then and still is to me today.  And the opportunities to skinny dip today?  Non-existant.  So I choose to allow my son to embrace the opportunity while he can innocently do so AND allow him to develop  a healthy modesty about his body when the time is right.
Good thing he didn't have a shirt would've been stained like his cheeks

No pants required to look at Grampa's digger....or shirt!

He DID have pants on when we arrived...but he had a BM and ran off to chase Neva before I could get a new one on.

Emerson and Neva didn't seem to mind...Xavi only had eyes for pretty Neva
Skinny swimming with Grampa...and he's eating watermelon, too! That's my talented boy!

Staying cool in Grampa's wonderful pool.... what a blessing!

Catching some rays at the "beach" aka Ottawa lake.  He loved wading in and out of the shallow water...and playing in this sludge stream.  ick

7.  It's too hot for clothes?  How many times have you said or thought this but were powerless to actually take your clothes off to cool down?  Wisconsin was hot this last visit and we did our first long distance car ride (6 hours).  Grampa's big truck (and the car seat) got uncomfortable quick and we chose to tough it out in the uncooled camper.  Xavi's clothes came off first thing.
watching Thomas videos and staying cool

Catching the scenery as it blows by on our way to Minnesota

Too hot for more than the minimum sleep wear
Helping gramma build the nightly campfire...he missed out on the smores though

8.  Nothing and nobody is cuter.
He loves to smell flowers and always says "mmmmm"...really!  what is cuter?

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