Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy Birthday precious Nico

Last year, after realizing that I was definitely in labor...and that it would be my last night as a mama of one and the start of a whole new adventure, I've never been the same.  Nico has been a blessing for this family that only his quiet, happy spirit can provide...he makes me laugh, he makes me turn, his smile and laugh melts my heart and turns the day around.  I am stretched to the limit between the two boys and now that Nico is up and running (literally), I'm definitely outnumbered.  My whole day revolves around getting that middle nap coordinated so that I too can get a quick nap.

We had a party for him on Saturday complete with Elmo bounce house, Elmo piƱata, Cold Stone ice cream cake, and mediteranean cuisine.  He cruised the party like he knew it was for him.  Xavi held up pretty well considering he had no nap and the day was focused on his little brother.  As usual, the party went too fast and I had too little time to sit with my guests and/or chat.  But we celebrated his first year of life properly and with much gusto.  I made the same cake that I made for Xavi and Nico enjoyed smashing it around under his hand, eating just a little bit.  He wasn't so sure about being the center of attention while we sang Happy Birthday but I got a little smile out of him.

He got his own trucks, trains, and horses... I'm still discussing this with Xavi, but I will win this one...someday.

We got exactly one shot of the four of us together.
And one of me and my precious baby...Happy birthday little Nico Felipe.  I love you to the moon and back.