Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thomas and Perfectionism?

Xavi is all about trains these days...specifically Thomas the train and his friends.  To date, we have all 8 of the main characters (Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, and Emily) plus 7 extras (Rosie, Charley, Belle, Diesel 10, Salty, Diesel, and Spencer), 1 light up pumpkin, and 1 caboose.  Plus a few others from different train sets.
I find various arrangements of these trains lined up all throughout the house and sometimes outside too. I've made the mistake of trying to rearrange, straighten, or move any one of these arrangements and inadvertently set off a tantrum, more than once.  Other guests have done the same.
Xavi has them lined up in a very specific order, very specific grouping, and very specific position.  I've tried to add one that he "forgot" and again, witness a flurry of arms, legs, and "NOOOO!"  He knows exactly what he is doing with them and so I've learned to leave them as I find them.  (Except once, I couldn't stand it and after he went to bed, I arranged them in order by train number, regulars in front and extras in back...hmmm, anyone hear anything OCD about that?)...well, when he woke up in the morning, he yelled "NOOOO!" and set about arranging them as he left them the night before.  He remembered!!!  Silly mama.

Most nights, our bedtime routine consists of "TAKE"; which means taking the trains by hand into the bedroom to line up on his shelf.  By hand means NOT by using the bucket or shoe box or anything other than what he deems appropriate. When he wakes up in the morning, he goes and brings them back out into the living room for more play.
Even when he eats, he chooses who will get to eat with him and lines them up very specifically next to his plate.  Incidentally, he also lines up his plate, cup, IPad, and any other item on the table JUST SO.  Lately, he's taken to putting my food on his special plate to even out the proportions if uneven.
Thomas and his friends have been in many places...including the dishwasher!
And behind the front door...getting some sun?
He has the take n play quarry climb and drop play set but he doesn't really use any of the "fancy" stuff that the play set does.
 The once bench seat is now cleared off of all other toys to make room for him to run trains.  He allowed me to set up the track but that was it.
Xavi got an alphabet train puzzle for his birthday and we lined that up on the floor...such fun!
But it was even more fun to immediately dismantle and spread all over...Now why is it ok to mess these up but not his trains?  Hmmmm...
Check out this video.  18 month old Xavi is lining up his balls as he practices kicking against the couch.  Amazing, right? Or is that just the mama talking?

I've been told that this specificity, this lining up of his toys is a sign of significant intelligence.  Well, of course!  I could have told you that.  (hee hee)  What I see is a little boy who knows what he wants and mostly he wants things in order.  Is this an early sign of a perfectionist in training?  Lord, I hope not!  I do, however,  know that there will be a few days ahead where I will hear from the boys' bedroom "MOM!  Nico is messing up my stuff!"

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