Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy days of Christmas

 Papa came home last weekend and made our Christmas.  There isn't anything that I could buy for Xavi that would have made him any happier than seeing his dad.  So that is my most recent excuse for not keeping up on the blog...catching up with Mario.  In preparation for his homecoming, i wanted it to be as "christmassy" (if that is a word) as possible.  I got a tree, monogrammed matching stockings, put up lights, and bought some poinsettia.  I am not sure if he really cares about it all...I'm sure he's just happy to be home with his boys...but I had fun and it sure helped get me in the spirit.  I"m glad he arrived because I was just plain exhausting myself getting it all done.  Xavi is still learning about what it all means and most goes over his head, but as long as he knows it is a happy time of togetherness, love, and peace...someday he will understand the rest of the reason for the season.  For now?  We are enjoying being outside in the sunshine and seeing palm trees....I still don't miss the ice and snow.
Xavi contributed the "snow"..packing peanuts!

Mama strung the lights all by herself...we even have a snowman!!  

Diego "guarding" Nico...or is he just trying to cop a feel of Nico's lambswool throw?

My beautiful #2...growing up fast!  He has beautiful big brown eyes with LONG eyelashes.  His smile is adorable and flirty.  My heart has doubled in size!  

Heartbreaker!  This boy's smile melts my heart.  HIS big brown eyes are a beautiful caramel light brown that matches his hair.  He will randomly hug me and pat me on the back or plant a sweet kiss right on my lips..."it's ok mama".  And it is.  

Gramma Mimi! Does this remind you of anyone?  I know that I frustrated you more than once by getting wet in almost any body of water...Xavi is on a similar path.  So I just took off his pants and shoes and let him go for it...Good thing it was still warm that day.  Gotta love Christmas in California.  

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Poor Diego Indeed

Diego was my baby before I had two of the pink kind.  I know he must feel as if he's fallen down the totem pole pretty far.  Gramma commented "poor diego" after I wrote about almost murdering him for waking up the babies.  So I thought I'd dedicate a post to my second hairy baby (Sasha was my first) and give him some needed love.
Since we lost Sasha he pretty much comes everywhere with us in the car but now, poor Diego is stuck in the small space between the two car seats.  Sometimes he still climbs up front and tries to sit on my lap like he used to do.  Sometimes, when the kids aren't with us, I let him.
I still make him pose for pictures and he still gets annoyed...but stays close always.  
Here he is standing guard during tubby time.  He almost always stands or sits facing out the door, back to us in whatever room we are in.  Securing the room; taking his job as seriously as he ever did.  Maybe  more when ANYONE (friend or delivery man) comes to the door, he barks to alert me and I'm so glad he does.
He didn't do much to eradicate the little mouse problem we had back in October but here is in on guard once he finally noticed that one was in the house.  He stayed right there staring at its location until we went to bed...and went right back to sleep once we heard the SNAP of the trap taking care of the trespasser.
He was so happy to see Grampa and cuddled up to him every chance he got.  Most of our animals loved dad...they know he is a softie and a good hugger.(or toast giver)
Xavi likes to give Diego treats almost every day and I have to explain that we need to only give him one...NOT the whole bucket.  Poor foiled his perfect set up.
This day, Xavi dumped all the treats on the ground so he could drive his trains through them...totally teasing him.  I couldn't clean it up until he was done poor Diego had to sit and watch.
You are still very loved my little Diego.  Thank you for keeping us safe each and every day.  Thank you for keeping us warm at night whenever I let you stay in bed with us.  Thank you for learning to love Xavi and to let him "play"/chase/torment you.  I know you have your limits and I will keep reminding him to be kind to you.  I promise that even if I yell at you for waking up the babies...I won't kill you.  I can't imagine life without you.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Lucky Day

Today was lucky because I got to go to the park today with my boys!  Usually they go with Miss Debbie while mama does yoga and takes a breather (or runs around doing errands like a crazy woman trying to cram it all into 90 minutes so I don't have to do it with two kiddos or worry about how I need to get it done...).  Plus lately it's been rainy and the boys have had colds, so we've stuck pretty close to home.  But today, we loaded up the stroller and got all the way to the park.  
 We played on the slide, chased some girls, and ran through the maze.  
 We played hide and seek, peek a boo, and "I see you!".  
He only fell five or six times, sometimes flat out arms straight out...SAFE! 
 But got up each time to run some more.  

 Brother Nico slept through it all..comfy and cozy.  

The best thing of all?  On our way home, we stopped to look at a construction site and the contractor was there.  Mark let us come in and look close up at the BIG DIGGER, the BIG HOLE, and the MACHINE.  He spent most of the time throwing huge dirt clods into the hole.  I had to grab him and put him kicking and screaming into the stroller.  It was our lucky day!  But mostly mine.