Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The 8 week old Xavi

Xavi was born 8 weeks ago and although, I am not done posting Xavi's "younger" photos, I thought I should give a little current peep of our little prince. 

Everyday he is so different...one day he is a champion sleeper and very relaxed, other days nothing makes him happy but to eat and be held.  On those days, if I put him down, fast asleep...he will wake up and need me.  Honestly, I do get tired and beg him "PLEASE just go to sleep?"... and I ask Mario for help. Last night he was up past midnight with our little monster AND he had to get up at 6 to catch the morning train for a LONG day...I am so thankful for him and his ability to help.   

He is a master of getting Xavi to relax and go to sleep.  Xavi will be in my arms fussing away, but in Mario's, he calms down and just chills out.  It might be frustrating if it wasn't such a relief. 

The other day, Mario was holding Xavi until the boy made it known that he was hungry. The only problem was he was looking for a nipple somewhere on Mario's face.  Notice the drool...

   And this was a video I shot today...
Xavi is very verbal.  He "talks" to me all day long...cooing, gurgling, laughing...I love it! 

I love being a mom...and I love my sleeping boy. 

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  1. How adorable! I listened to every word he said and just love his sweet voice.
    Are you reading to him yet? (-: