Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Parents

Once Rachel and Gabby left, we were on our own.  And in a felt so good.  We loved having company and help, but now was our time to connect as a new family.  Mario and I were closer than we ever have been..often looking at each other incredulously over what we had done...we made a human being that was ours to care for, to love, and to nurture. 

Of course we also had to adjust to a daily schedule on our own and we had to communicate more than we ever had before.  Xavi had found his voice and was using it.  I changed my diet completely and took out wheat, yeast (meaning beer which I craved my entire pregnancy), sugar,dairy, spicy foods (onion, garlic, chiles), acidy foods (citrus, tomatoes), coffee (decaf even), chocolate, and bitter foods (arugula, etc).  What else is there?  NOT MUCH...but it was worth the sacrifice to not hear him fuss every night. It pained me to know how uncomfortable he was...even though he still cries when he has to fart which we both think is hilarious.  (Yes, very mature of us, right?)

We went to the beach. We went out for dinner at a friends house (everyone else got paella, I had plain chicken and sweet peppers and rain check).  We watched movies (at home) and went for walks in our neighborhood.  It was raining a lot and we spent a lot of time indoors. 

Mara and I at San Onofre Beach

Chris grilling up lunch/dinner for us

Chris trying out his hand at holding a baby...first time ever.
 Xavi grew from 8.5 pounds to 11lbs to now almost 14 lbs.  He was 21.5 inches long at birth but is now about 24 inches long.  Everyone says he is a big boy...but he still seems so tiny to me.  I carry him in a sling most of the day and am still experimenting to find the right one.  I think he'll be happier when he can hold his head up all the time (he tries now...but has a bit to go) and can check everything out.

 He loves bath time and doesn't cry until I dry his head/hair off.  He is such a little boy with dirt (from where?) under his fingernails and lint in his toes...probably could use a bath more than once a week but whatever. 

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