Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stowing away

One stand up board, one 5'10 board, an aleah board, a paddle, and fins..plus one 19 pound almost crawling boy. 
Papa was packing his surfboards and we wished we could fit in his bags.  It's going to be such fun and we hope the surf is epic...be safe papa.  Rest and come home to us soon!
  We love you.

Miss you daddy!  See my shirt?  Surfer baby

a loved boy

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

My first mother's day was a week ago already but I found some other pictures I wanted to post to remember the wonderful occasion.
I should've taken the picture BEFORE I dug in...but it was so good I couldn't resist!  Mario's gift is delicious food that is filling and nutritious. mmmm...and it makes me feel special.

We are definitely moving forward now...not sure if I can call it crawling but...it's dangerous for sure!

Happy Mother's Day Karen...pregnant with #4.  Xavi loved to rest on her bump.

Of all my toys, I love this blue cup...?

Mother's Day flowers...bought for the whole week of celebration!

Ready? Here we go...again

Tomorrow dad leaves on a week long trip to Costa Rica for some much deserved rest and surfing.  His friend Leif is getting married and so this is his bachelor send off.  Although I really wish I (we) could go too, I'm excited for him to have some time off to recharge. 
We have business trip coming up too and Miss Debbie is coming with us to help me during some of my meetings.  As always, I'm a bit nervous for the trip and to leave home...but knowing we are heading towards some time with family and lots of support.  We'll miss you Sasha and Diego...

whose holding the bottle?

My stuffed toy doggie

My real doggie, Diego

Contemplating mom's toe..

Naked Calisthentics

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Sunday was my first Mother's day and Monday, we marked six months since Xavi was born. 
 How do I express what being a mom has meant to me? 
I'm tired and need to go to bed.  I don't have time to completely answer that question...but I want to mark these days as they pass...they go too fast as it is and when I look back, I want to remember each of these moments, these milestones. 

What I do know is that I had no idea how much my mom loved me until 11/9/10.  I now know what unconditional love feels like and that if there is nothing I wouldn't do for my child, then there is nothing in this world that can separate me from the love of my parents.  I'm pretty sure I've written about it before and often in previous posts but the depth and power of this love surprises me every day.  It is scary at the same time because it leaves me feeling so vulnerable. 
Thank you mom for loving me, for giving me roots, and for giving me wings.  I love you so!
 Our baby was born six months ago...that night, we worked together to bring him into this world but it was he who brought us life.  (deep, I know...but it IS past my bedtime)  When I look at him now; eating food, smiling, playing, and loving us...I wonder "what did I do to deserve him"?  Someone at our wedding reception (one year ago this month) remarked that he wasn't sure but it seemed as if Mario and I were in some way "healing each other".  And in many ways, we are..for a variety of reasons.  Xavi has brought a special healing and for me, an acute awareness of grace. I've made more than my share of mistakes in this life and although regret is never helpful, I do regret decisions that I've made.  But here I am...with a second, a third, and so on...chance at living life, having a family of my own, and raising a little boy. 
Grace.  Thank you Lord.  Happy six months baby...I look forward to every moment.  
Grace.  I'm positive that I'll need more before I'm done. 

March catch up...More family visits

Mario's mom came to stay for almost a week back in March.  It was so nice to have the extra hands, hugs, and love...I sure wish Xavi could spend much more time with both of his beautiful, loving grammas. Gramma Nina cooked for the both of us..making meals to freeze and helped me take care of both my boys that week.  I've heard it said that the mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship is one of the most challenging and tenuous of all.  (One that I recognize early on as a mother of MY little boy could prove challenging and I "worry" about who she will be already :))  I hope that MY mother-in-law knows how special she is and how thankful I am for her love and support. Mary, you are a gem!  Love you!  PS - Thanks for braving the air mattress and for giving us a rare surf session together.

Aunt Gillian, Uncle George, Cousins Carina and Steven with Mario & Xavi
Mario's family from Chicago came to visit on their spring break vacation to California.  They came for pizza and a walk...getting some great profile shots in the sunset on "our' bluff.  Xavi had a great nap and was ready to party with his aunt, uncle, and cousins...although he kept an eye on Uncle George:)  Bonus, Mario spent the next day surfing and playing with them at San Onofre on one of the most beautiful days of the year.  I'm not sure who loved it more...the cousins from the frozen midwest playing in sun?  or the stressed student with few days off?  Come again...we can't wait!

Erin, Sunti, and Noelani meeting Xavi for the first time...

He was so excited to meet his "first" girl friend...she was very sweet. (look how young Xavi looks...he's so grown up now..)

Add Noelani to the list of people who have ridden our elephant. 
Noelani turned one in February and we missed her special luau, so we got to spend an evening with them...having pizza and wine and even a bit of "grown up talk".  Noelani showed Xavi how to play with all his toys as she toddled around our little house.  It's so fun to see what's ahead in our near future as we watch Noelani grow.  I hope we'll have many more times together with friends like this...and I hope that our ability to have "grown up talk" will increase with each visit.  See you guys soon...I hope!

Monday, May 2, 2011

The dark of night

 Late last night we first heard that Osama Bin Laden had been killed.  Pieces of the story kept filtering in throughout the coverage and eventually we heard it was the SEALs that carried out the mission.  More details were available when we woke up this morning and as each detail was revealed, I was surprised at the emotions that it was evoking.  Although I didn't know anyone that died in the attacks of September 11, I grieved the loss and the attack on my country.  I have always been patriotic but since that day, it means even more to me to be an American.  Feelings were stored and the knowledge that he was still out there didn't seem to be "important", at least on a conscious level.    I wanted us to get him but I also know that Al Queda is not just one person...even if OBL was dead, the hate and terrorists would go on under new leadership.  Hearing that Bin Laden was dead and that our SEALs killed him in a daring operation took a bit to really sink in...once it did, I felt as if we had "won"...something, I don't know...but I reflected back on that day almost 10 years ago and what has happened in our country since then...it made me sad, and it made me grit my teeth and think "yes!"  So many lives have been sacrificed and because of him, we will never be the same. 

I think of men who continue to fight bravely and men who have died so that this will does not happen again...so that I can sleep at night and  raise my son in the United States of America with the freedoms we occasionally take for granted.  I hope we will be even greater than we were before.  I hope that we won't use this as politic fodder for the next election, even as I know that it will happen.  I hope that I don't take a day for granted as often happens.  Many of those who went to work on 9/11/01 were thinking of their work day, their morning cup of coffee...kissing their loved ones a quick good bye, not dreaming that it would be their last.  Call me Debbie Downer but I think of this all the time...every time I say good bye to a loved one...what if this is our last conversation?  last kiss?  last visit?  Am I doing all I can to LIVE?  Be the best I can be?  ...Somehow if I try to live my life with this mindset...living for each moment, never taking them or my loved ones for granted... I hope to honor, in a small way, those that gave their all in defense of my freedom.  And in this moment, I hope that the evil ones who still wish our country harm know that we will get them, too. 
Thank you Lord for those men who in the middle of the dark night fast roped out of helicopters into hostile territory and into the firefight, not knowing if they would ever see their loved ones again.  But doing so all the same because of their willingness to pay the price for our freedom and to serve justice to this evil man.  And thank you President Obama for not dropping a bomb like you could've done...we needed this.  God Bless America.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another big day - first solid food

Today is May Day...it was a beautiful summery day and we got started early.  6 am...my little boy started cooing softly to himself and then quickly got up to full volume, smiling at me whenever he caught me opening my eyes.  How could I roll over and resist that sweet face?

We went with dad to Trestles for a surf before high tide.  Xavi took a nap and I read a book, watching him catch waves in the morning sun.  I love those kind of mornings...just wish I was in the water too.  Nothing like seeing the sun on the water before the day gets busy. 

We played and had fun..."somebody" got crabby and we had to cancel brunch with friends...but nothing a nap didn't fix. 
Xavi loves to play rough with his Papa...here they are rocking in the recliner
Sitting so well all by himself

Checking my mirrors on my new sports car (Thanks Erin, Sunti, and Noelani!)

Heading out on the open road...and giving mom/dad a bit of a break

Watching the NBA playoffs with Dad
We decided that some solid food might help our big boy AND he loved it.  I steamed some carrots, sweet potato, pear, and apple.  He ate the pear with relish and was apparently full by the time the sweet potatoes were introduced.  We'll try again tomorrow.