Friday, December 31, 2010

"Little" Hands and Feet

Of course we counted his fingers and toes...10 of each.  But we also marveled at how long his fingers were, how big his new hands were, and how his feet barely fit into the newborn jammies. 
 The hands? 
Like his mom and Grampa Phil's.
The feet? 
 Like his daddy...size 11 at 11 years old. 

Who is this little person going to be? 

Let me introduce you to Xavi's buddy - Tigey Wigey.  My friend Jackie gave this to me for my shower and I love it!
It is a "scent sucker" meaning it will hold my special momma scent and provide him with a special comfort when momma's not there.  Tigey always goes for car rides, naps, walks (to cushion mom's bony collarbone), and when someone else is holding Xavi.  The funny thing?
 Xavi makes baby tiger noises when he first wakes it fits perfectly. 

One of our first car rides.  The car seat?  Not my favorite thing to do to him.
I usually have him in a sling, only using the car seat for car rides. 

He still won't really take a pacifier, much prefering his own fingers or his papa's pinky. 

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