Monday, January 3, 2011

The Rachel Gabby visit

Thanksgiving, Xavi's third week of life, my sister Rachel and two year old daughter Gabriella Grace came for a visit.  Originally, it was supposed to be just Rachel but she couldn't bear to be 5 more days without her little we said bring the peanut along to meet Xavi. 
I was fortunate to have witnessed the birth of Rachel's first born, Owen (now four and a half).  And I was a day late to meet little Gabriella, whom we call Gabby. I love being Auntie Emmy and holding Owen, I finally understood what it meant to love a child.  Having my own baby certainly opens up this understanding to a whole new level and now I get to share this with my "baby" sister Rachel.  And now SHE gets to be the auntie that hugs, kisses, spoils, then... gives the baby back to mom.    

Rachel showed me how to use a sling to carry the baby AND get things done around the house.  She got us coffee and we talked in between laughing at Gabby's cute antics and "talking".  She washed my filthy windows and helped make Thanksgiving dinner.  We walked and watched the sunset on the beach.  She showed me how to burp a fussy baby and hold Xavi on his tummy to let the gas escape.  She held him when he fussed and made a list on my refrigerator of likely offending foods to avoid in order to keep Xavi happy.  Gabby didn't venture far from Rachel's body, especially during the first few days.  And she certainly didn't understand why mom was holding another baby..I'm sure she was thinking "Uh, Uh! This is MY momma! I am the baby!"  So we hugged and tickled her as much as she would let us...and she of course, had staring contests with Uncle Mario..which she almost always won.  

   Gabby was a fun subject to shoot when Mario got out his fancy camera.  You tell it just me or is she totally flirting with the photographer here?  Rachel said she took a long time to warm up last time they had family pics taken...I told her to just hire a handsome guy photographer. 

We played at the park...well, Xavi slept in my sling while Gabby ran around playing her heart out.  What a beautiful day!
We had tamales plus the regular Thanksgiving feast. 

I would love to live closer to my sisters.  I would love to have coffee regularly and laugh so hard my face hurts.  For now, I will cherish every precious moment that I have with them, take lots of pictures, and remember them all.  Thank you for being here Rachie...we love you! 


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  1. I also love to laugh so hard my face hurts, so please come home soon...