Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Heart Boobies Part Two

This is a little "montage" of photos taken in similar outfits at similar ages to document my boys so that those of you that can't see us grow...know more how they look alike AND different.  Special boys they both are.  My heart squeezes looking at their little faces, perfect skin, big smiles, and dark eyes.  

Doing a photo shoot isn't that easy, despite what it looks like below.  (haha)  I guess the idea seemed to work better in my head.  But at least you can see them side by side in real time...definitely brothers, but definitely unique.

I think Xavi is a bit older than Nico is in this photo...I couldn't get him to sit up, even trying to prop him up on pillows.  So the best I could do was to have them both tipping over.  Notice Nico's very muscular legs already outgrowing what Xavi wore for a bit longer.

Nico isn't quite as flexible as Xavi yet but he can suck TWO thumbs at once...!

Remember this?
we'll see if Nico can get there with a bit of training.  More to come.

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