Monday, March 4, 2013

Winter Adventure: Here We Come

Yay for Snowmen, Sled Rides, and Gramma Grampa time! Boo for having to wear pants, shoes, and jackets! (And for that matter, hats, gloves, boots, etc...)  I'm not sure how I'm going to manage all that but we'll see.  We're off to Wisconsin for two weeks.  Looking forward to some time with Rachie and her kids,  Gramma Mimi, and to top it off, we've managed to squeeze in some time in Sunny Florida for a few days with Auntie Lori and Uncle Matt in their new home.   I've made arrangements to have round the clock care for Diego while we are gone...hahaha...yeah, I'm actually kind of serious about that.  I'm a bit worried about him since he doesn't like to be left home when we go to the grocery store let alone for that long...

Mama's been a busy bee packing and planning ahead...trying to keep two steps ahead to avoid any last minute craziness on top of our everyday usual craziness.  I've packed and repacked to keep things minimal and I'm sure I'll still have too much stuff.  (But we'll see...I think I did a pretty good job..there's just a lot of shizzle to take with two babies going to cold AND hot weather places! ugh)
our new beach tent made a fun fort in the living room

Hopefully, I won't pull a Lori Jo and bring a whole bunch of clothes only to wear the exact same thing every day.  (haha, i love you dearly Lori)
xavi likes to wear the same thing everyday...his birthday suit!

All we are missing is some time with the Olsen' maybe when Mario gets home, we'll head to the mountains to hang with them.
breakfast al naturel

Our days are very simple.  I keep the schedule very light.  The last week has been pretty happy...knock on wood...Xavi's ups and downs are smoothing out a little bit lately and I'm keeping on him about his manners (saying please, thank you, and helping mama when he can by not screaming orders at her or freaking out instead of asking for help).  Nico is a darling little sweet heart....I just wish he'd settle in to sleep at night and just stay asleep.  He keeps waking up to (I think) see if I'm going to bring him into bed with me...and since I'm alone, I usually end of doing just that.  But he's still sweet and so cuddly.

You should see Nico's athletic feats lately!  Something else...
Fishing out a bucket that he really wants to play with from under my desk

And the boys together?  Melts my heart.  I can see that they genuinely love each other and someday will play together well as best friends.

Nico keeps crawling over by big brother...and getting stuck under his table

And we're off...I think I can, I think I can...thanks for picking us up Grampa!  See you soon!

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  1. Mary Beth, your boys are so CUTE!! I just want to hug them (though if I did they'd probably freak out over the crazy hugging lady. :)

    Is Nico crawling already? Travis just picked up the skill last week. Its sad how fast they grow up, and yet I can't wait for him to be old enough to run with Noah. Such fun days ahead of us!

    Keep the posts coming, and hope you enjoy Wisconsin!