Monday, February 4, 2013

Wet N Sandy

This week, we've been doing an evolution I like to call "wet and sandy at Poche's".  Poche's is a nearby beach and it is a fairly contaminated beach.  There are signs posted warning of unsafe levels of bacteria and that ocean contact may be a health hazard.  But Xavi has been insistent on packing up the wagon and heading down the hill.  The first day I had nothing with me and since we've done it before, I figured "what could we possibly need? what could go wrong?". ahem.  He loves to push dirt and rocks into water but this time he fell in the "stream"  from a run off "pond" trickling into the ocean.  After he fell in, I grabbed him and "saved" him.  He squealed and squirmed away, running right back into the water.  Soaked from head to foot, I didn't know what to do.  The guy who lives in the house next to the beach was playing with his dog.  He said "boy, he loves to get dirty"..."just wash him off once you get home, he'll be fine".  We had to get all the way back up the hill and I had towel, no blanket, no clothes, no sanitizer, no clean diapers.  I stripped him and wrapped him up in my hooter hider.  Immediate tubby time and a good fingernail scrubbing, and we were as good as new.  Plus I got a bath followed by Diego (who was with us), then I cleaned the tub and washed the baby.  Whew.  We survived.

watching my crazy big brother

The next time I am not sure why I stood there even though I think I knew it was going to happen again.  But this time I had a diaper, towel, and one of my jackets that I wasn't using.  The jacket touched the ground and I had to roll the sleeves a hundred times AND he screamed because he wanted it "AUCK!" which means OFF in Xavieek.  UP hill. Tubby.  Naked time.

The third time, I grabbed him and took off his clothes BEFORE letting him "fall" in.  There was a woman watching us and shaking her head that I was such a delinquent, horrible mom for letting him play in this water. Whatever lady!  Don't you know that I swam in stagnant ponds and man made "lakes" growing up and I"M FINE??  This boy plays in dirt and mud all day almost every day...and sometimes plays with his own poop!  I'm sure she was ready to call social services on me but I wasn't scared.  My boy was playing in the water and having fun...I'm not going to confuse that and cause any wrinkle on that page.  (I do however have some boundaries...I make sure he stays closer to the ocean end of the stream and do not let him go near the "pond" other wise.) UP hill.  Tubby.  Naked time!!

I had the clean up down.  Clean water to pour on hands and body.  Towel to "pat pat pat" dry. Clean diaper.  Wipes.  Sanitizer.  Navy Seal sweatshirt to keep him warm on the trip home.  That is IF I can catch him after the clean up is complete.  Up hill. Tubby. Naked time then nap!

Did I mention the wagon pull UP the hill? That is MY workout portion of the evolution.  But we have fun and it has gotten easier.  We look for ducks in the drain ditch as we go up...and we've seen 5 couples.  No doubt partying before they hatch their next batch.  I tell Xavi to cheer me on "go mama go!" and I do.

More than once I've had to breastfeed Nico as I charged up that hill...gotta do what you gotta do right? Chichi is under wraps but fully functional on the move...thankful for that! but no picture ;)  haha

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