Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love day

Mario and I don't celebrate Valentines day with each other.  We celebrate President's day instead.  A lot of it comes down to the fact that neither of us like being told what to do...and when to celebrate love is roped into that category.  But I couldn't resist the propaganda and bought Xavi and Nico balloons today.  Then Gramma Mimi and Gramma Momma/Grampa Phil sent Valentines and treats for the boys in the mail.  I let Xavi have a few bites of each...this is more sugar than he has ever had in his life.  And now I'm confident in why we DON'T and WON'T do this on any sort of regularity.  It's got to be only for special occasions and when Gramma spoilings are so rare.  
 This has been another tough week with tantrums continuing. It's nothing physical, just being two. But in between we have had some fun times.  Like:
Partying in the park's mud puddle.
 I thought I was smart for taking off his pants to keep them from getting dirty.  HA!  He just laid down in it like a little piggy.  What choice did I have?
 He had so much fun.  I can't blame him.  I'm pretty sure that mom has a picture of Lori and I in mud up to our ankles, covered from head to toe.
 I wiped him off best as I could, slapped a diaper on him, and got him in the tub upon arriving home.  But I recorded all his smiles, giggles, and joy... 

  We've had lots of brother play time.  While Nico is on the floor, Xavi will bring all his "co mozy" paraphernalia out to share.  Thomas blankie, doggie, "gorily", and tiger all get dragged out to the living room, the lawn, or into brother's crib.  Sometimes Xavi invites us to his room to play on his bed.  It's a big ordeal and so cute to watch.  But if Nico gets to close, Xavi doesn't exactly let him play with his stuff.  It's just there to play "cozy mozy"...which is what Mario and I call snuggling down into bed, blankets, or what Diego does when he climbs into your lap.
Nico pressing up higher and higher...
 And doing airplane...
 And finding brother's trains...

 Today he scooted all they way from the blanket to Xavi's little table...
 He found brother's monster truck...
 Up on his knees, rocking rocking, sometimes jumping forward with his little legs.  He's bound to crawl very soon and then I'm in serious trouble!
 He was so excited from his new skills, he wouldn't really nap and took forever to go to sleep tonight as he couldn't stop getting up on his knees to practice.  Too cute!
Brother time too.
 We found our neighbor friend, Cha Cha (Charlotte) and played a bit of chase in and out of the puddles...burning off the sugar.

And I'm spent.  And in love.  Every day.  Not just today.  Miss you Mario.  Sleep well Xavi and Nico (Please!).

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