Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Like a Sailor

Today was a tough day.  Xavi had three temper tantrums that lasted at least 45 minutes each.  Outside of those three episodes, he yelled as loud and for as long as he could whenever I didn't immediately meet his need, pick him up, nurse him, feed him the right thing, get outside fast enough, pull the wagon, or I picked up brother, walked away, hugged him, kissed him, or tried to talk to him.  My ears are still ringing and my brain is a bit numb.  I'm not sure what was going on...I think he was tired and so I put him to bed early.  I think he was a bit I fed him his dinner bite by bite.  I think he was bored so I played with him and took him down to the beach to play.  In the end, he IS two so some of this is to be expected, right?  To make matters "worse" Nico is still teething.  When Xavi wasn't yelling, Nico started up. Matter of fact, he cried and yelled all the way UP that hill (from our last post) while I was pulling the wagon.  I couldn't get my boob in his mouth to calm him down but I sure did try.  So what is a mother to do?


Not out loud.  Of course not!  I've never been a swearer and even when I do, it just doesn't sound right. But I'm even more careful now knowing I have little ears listening to everything I am saying.  So I'm not swearing out loud.  But you better believe that as I was walking up the hill, I was coming up with some very creative and elaborate phrases that I won't repeat here because my mom reads this.

By the time I was going about my business (trying) as Xavi was yelling in tantrum #3, I was laughing at some of the things I was coming up with.  But mostly it's along the lines of "are you _____ kidding me?"

Sure, i could come up with substitutes that aren't offensive expletives and maybe that is what will come out of my mouth but to get all the "junk" out?  Nothing works quite like a good ol fashioned four letter word.  At least in the safety of my has kept insanity at bay...well, at least for today.  And today was a ________ doozy!

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  1. Ha ha ha!! I can totally relate, except that I am not as good as you at keeping those four letter words in my head. Sometimes they actually escape my mouth....