Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday night sighs...

Today at the park, Xavi HAD to bring his book to the park with him on the bike...didn't I say he was hooked? 
He did drop it right in the sandbox and proceed to smash a little girl's sandcastle, so if you were worried...don't be!
It was a good weekend...but how could I not say that?  I have undistracted, quality time with my favorite little person.  For as long as I can remember, Sundays were always my least favorite day of the week.  Some of it might've had to do with the whole church ritual, which still exhausts me just thinking about it...I have been thinking about going again, but I really like the idea of a Saturday service?  We'll see...we're not there yet, since both services fall during nap or bedtime...oh darn (heehee).  Anyways, I always had this pit in my gut knowing that Monday was coming and it was a whole new week coming.  (I guess I'll take that as a sign that I hadn't found my "dream" j-o-b yet?).  It has gotten better in the last five years, but since having Xavi, I just dread the back to work and the back to kissing him bye bye. So, tonight I reminisce on our lovely two days together...AND look forward to this new week and ALL it will bring us!  We really didn't "do" anything spectacular, but those are my very favorite days.  I love having a "regular" routine on a special day...nowhere to go, nowhere to be, nothing to dress up worries.  (The photos are from last weekend's birthday party...I was to busy just "being" to take any this time.)

Playing with dad at a birthday party last weekend...
We had our first rainy Saturday and wow, was that tough.  We are usually outside from 8-10, nap, then again from 12:30-3:30 and maybe out again after I try to convince him to eat SOMETHING, please? We played puzzles, happy hippo, built towers and smashed them, threw balls, raced trucks, and then I put his raincoat on, walked outside with him, just to show him what rain felt like...and to get some fresh air.  We both felt better.  It cleared up by afternoon and so we were on schedule after nap...whew!  He's learned how to say MAMA...and he is using it all the time...usually at the top of his lungs.  Last night, dad came home and took over so mom could "rest" rest, I mean, finish re-organizing the storage room and take a shower.  My shower was interrupted by Xavi screaming and opening the shower curtain because it was "tubby time" and he wanted in NOW!  If it gets to be 5:30 and he isn't in the water...he is banging on the door.  Literally.  After I drag him out of the tub, or allow him to play in the dry tub until he is ready to get out himself...he runs around for another 30 minutes aka "wild rumpus" time.  Here he is playing "fetch" with mom...I missed his earlier yelling at the top of his lungs because I was quick trying to get dinner going...quick before he figures out I'm not paying full attention...

Xavi goes to the park every day (Pines Park)'s just a mile and a half up the road from us and Debbie walks him there in the stroller everyday and I get to take him all the other times (unless we go to the beach or to the North Beach trail for a run and play).  We pack our basket with snacks, water, sand toys, and a ball.  Xavi picks what we do and it usually starts with a LOT of staring.  He watches kids so intently...studying them.  And he isn't really intimidated by anyone...even the big boys.  They were playing ball and Xavi watched from close by. THEN yelled "BOOM" as loud as he could when one of them kicked the was funny.  That's my boy...he'll be yelling "BOOM" someday when he scores his first goal.  And I'm pretty sure I'll be crying...stupid mom :) He stands his ground when someone tries to take his toys...boy oh boy, kids are so grabby???!?  And so selfish...MINE!!!!  Is this a learned behavior? or innate?  It sure seems like they all have it to some degree...some are way meaner than others.  But I am always close at hand to step in and help referree...usually just making sure to hand an extra toy to the loser.  I mean they can't settle this themselves at this age, can they?  I guess I also don't want any "mean" kid stealing my "baby's" innocence before it is 21? hahaha

Our new favorite game?  hiking up the hill (and he can do it by himself..he is so strong!) and then running back down...I usually hold his sweatshirt from the back so if he falls and he always does, he doesn't face plant, but hovers over the grass...laughing and laughing.  We kick the ball against the wall, climb up the jungle gym and slide down the slide.  We make noises at the helicopters overhead (he just wiggles his tongue back and forth to try and imitate the sound) and blow raspberries at the cars passing by...his dad does that when they play cars.  Today, he said "please", "help", "bye bye", "hot" and helped me blow on my tea to cool it down (melts my heart...he says it like he is warning me...eyes all round and big:  "hot!  mama!  watch out!") He can sign "thank you", "more", "all done", "please", and of course "no!".  He still makes a "ssssss" sound when he pees on the he straddled his little potty, and I thought he was going to go...nope, just "sssss" and peed on the floor next to it.  Then made the "sssss" sound again and pointed at me to wipe up.  HAHAHAHAHA!

Why write about a regular ol' weekend?  I never want to forget these beautiful and special (and long!) days.  I want to write them on my heart and someday when he wants to be anywhere but at the park with mama, I will take it out to savor the memory.  How blessed am I? Everyday, I am becoming a more patient woman and by savoring these moments, and saving them for that someday, helps me be a good and patient and loving mama.  Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. Savor the Sundays! even the Sunday sighs... looks like you are enjoying every moment.