Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Papa!

Friday was Mario's birthday...he had a long, full day at school and arrived home to a very busy boy and a very tired mama.  I had plans all day to welcome him home to a cooked meal, special dessert, and allow him to put his feet up...but Xavi had other plans and needs.  He was busy and moving fast.  I needed a little nap to muster the energy just to put him to bed; let alone cook, clean, and be a good wife to the birthday boy.   Papa time was just what Xavi needed.  I love to watch them play rough, laugh, and holler and eventually, I did succeed in getting him to bed... and food on the table!  Woo hoo!

I think a lot about why Mario and I got married in the first place.  Yes, he is handsome.  My heart still leaps when he walks in the door and I'm always proud to be on his arm.  Yes, he is smart and a much better student than I ever was.  He is logical and thoughtful and a good listener.  We have similar interests and love to keep moving...especially in and around water.  He is strong, passionate, and a man of integrity. 

 But what I believe is our glue and will hold our family that he is my soul's counterpart in the pursuit of an uncommon life, adventure, and big dreams.  I know that he will always push me to be better, he will never give up, and he will protect our family's dreams as well as our individual pursuits.  This is what I hold onto during the hard days and it gives me hope renewed.

But when I see my man with our son...I need nothing else.  I'm in love all over again. 
Happy Birthday Mario (Papa)!
Xavi and I are blessed to have you in our lives. 

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