Thursday, January 12, 2012

Renaissance Boy

Well, it looks like I have a little renaissance man on my hands...(I think that's the expression I am looking for).  Xavi loves to splash and play in the tub, smash things and growl like a boy, but he is also tender with animals, especially doggies, and he loves to read.  Not all rugged handsomeness and manly toughness in this tiny package...ladies (and mom!), watch out! 

This week Xavi started taking our angel Sasha for her morning walks down the street.  And he is serious business about it!  I've tried to "help" a few times and he's sent a loud and clear message that I am to be hands off MOM!  Sasha seems to like the attention and being able to participate in the "pack" exercise.  Her handler goes at just the right pace for her liking, too...she can sniff every blade of grass and distinguish all the different urine spots accurately now that mom isn't pulling on her to get moving. 
Xavi's phone was returned from Aunt Kathy and Uncle Mark's house where we left it last...he had the hugest smile when I gave it to him and he promptly dropped both balls he was carrying around.  He called papa and texted gramma...a good sign that he'll be a son that will keep in touch?

  I mentioned that tubby time was back on...favorite new game?  filling the pitcher from the faucet and dumping it on the toys at the other end...I've tried to coax him to stay sitting, but have settled for no running in the tub...oh and when I avert my eyes for 5 precious seconds?  I return my gaze to see 5 pitchers of water dispersed on the floor...noiselessly.  Another reason to play vigilant lifeguard and not distracted mom.
 Aunt Kathy sent some fun new toys to play with...this one winds up and propels on the ground AND in the water. 
Xavi requesting that I wind it up again...

catching the boat as it motors around...

Not responding fast enough because I was trying to catch a photo...i think I see the family resemblance, hee hee...wait I don't make this face, do I? (scary)!
In the last few months, I have been reading to Xavi before bedtime. At first I was picking the book, the story, and he was a mostly willing participant. In the last month, he has become obsessed with books.  Like Mario said:  "Books are his new boob"...meaning he is very specific about when he wants to read, what he wants to read, and he wants you to sit down with him RIGHT NOW and READ.  He can be crying, even in the mode of "only mama will do", and if Mario holds him on his lap and begins to read, he stops and listens. Remarkable!  Of course I am the mama who has always LOVED to read and has always LOVED books...but I am a girl and thought this was more of a learned behavior for boys later on?  Shows you what I know...duh! 
Nothing melts our heart or makes us stop being busy faster than this little face holding a book up to you and asking you to sit with him and read.  He knows just where you should sit and where he will sit, too.  Mario even sat down with him in the tiny little kitchen to read him a story...have I mentioned that I am in love?  Of course, once I've read "Mr Brown can Moo" 5 times in a row, I do tell him to find another book for mama to read next.  I also ordered 8 new books from Amazon once I realized we were going to be re-reading over and over again...I think from now on we might start making trips to the library.  This is going to get expensive otherwise.  Donations accepted!


  1. It warms this Grandmother's heart to hear of his love for books, but it delights me as a teacher! We will definitely get more books.

  2. We go to the library religiously!! Ryder is still at the "eating" books stage, so we stick to board books. He is starting to listen while he eats though, so that is fun!!! Maybe we should do a book trade! LOL