Monday, January 9, 2012

Home Sweet Home (again)...New year, new fun

My favorite thing about being home is sleeping in our own bed...all together.  Even though lately it seems as if no one has been sleeping particularly well, I've been hard pressed to come up with an alternative solution..I haven't come up with anything that is better than hearing my little boy chirp awake, look for his papa, and kiss him on the mouth.  Or poke his little sweet finger in daddy's eye hole, or nose hole, or mouth.  Somehow that goes a long way in easing my brain fog and crusty eyes.  Occasionally it IS too early, and I try to convince him to go back to sleep for a bit longer.  I also keep telling myself that this is won't be like this forever and he will sleep on his own, happily and all night...soon enough. 

Yesterday, I was out in the yard cleaning some toys and had a bucket of hot soapy water.  Xavi kept trying to dump it over, put things in it, play in the bucket...I kept him away for a little while, but then I turned my back and find him sitting IN the bucket.  Shirt, diaper, and boots ON.  I called Mario out to "help" and he just laughed.  Then I did too.  Then we took pictures.  Then I took off his clothes, refilled the bucket with clean warm water and he got back in. tub! PS - have I mentioned that tubby time is back on?  Last week he decided that he couldn't wait to get into the tub again and has played every night since.  YAY!

Mario's birthday is coming up and I gave him an early birthday present...a remote controlled monster truck for them to play with together.  We tried it out...too cute.  Boys are boys...even at just 14 months.

The surf has been great this past week...although I haven't been out in it, I look forward to another thing that we will do again in the near future - spend more time at the beach and ME in the water, on the waves again. Right now, those occasions are rare but I know that this too is temporary and soon enough, we will all be on the water together.  So much to look forward to!  In the meantime, I can still scout the swell from my vacant lot on the bluff, live through Mario's sessions, and remember fondly my favorite sessions b.M.  (before Meep).  And everyday, I tell Xavi all about it, while holding him tight...knowing that someday he will be pushing me away.  Sigh...enjoying this moment, this stage.  In the end, it's all worthwhile. 

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  1. Great Pictures and good times! Love that you can enjoy the Pacific!
    (BTW we couldn't help but notice the "Red Solo Cup"!!!) lol