Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Nest to Rest?

Maybe for a Monster Truck...

Earlier this week, Xavi took a three hour nap...surprised yet ecstatic, I wanted to know what was Debbie's technique this time.  You see, I'm obsessed with "helping" Xavi rest better, sleep more.  So when he does sleep well, I aim to mimic it in the hopes of recreating the magic.  This time, Debbie had made him a little nest on the floor after she remembered my reports and slight bitterness at Xavi's looong naps (2-3 hour) at daycare ON A COT!!!  End of story.  That night I pulled the mattress out of his crib, washed the sheets and bedding, and re-created a little nest for my little one.  He slept well...only waking after I'd gone to bed, which is still a victory in my book. 

Our little prince, snoozing at day care...they even put him down AWAKE, pat his back/bum for a few minutes, and BOOM.  2-3 hours later, he awakes refreshed and recharged.  Sigh...
The next day, he had a good nap again but it wasn't quite as long...just over an hour.  And last night?  He woke up every hour, hour and a half until I brought him into bed with me (an exhausting process).  Even then, I had to get out of my shower to help him go back to sleep.  Today, he had a decent nap but it was just an hour and a half.  Bedtime came and he fell asleep easily.  Putting him in his cozy nest, I went out to make my dinner.  Well, he woke up not long after and seemed to be refusing to go back to sleep...45 minutes later, I recreated his nest ON the floor with blankets and got him back to sleep on his tummy.  7 minutes later, he woke up crying and frustrated...I took him to my bed so that I could EAT and at this point, drink a beer ( i know, I know). 

This is his little to play in...
But grrrr! This is not sustainable and I'm so frustrated.  I tell him "baby needs to rest so he can play hard again tomorrow AND because mommy needs to she can be a good and patient mommy.."...but apparently we aren't in agreement.  Maybe he misses Daddy, whose been gone for work the last few days.  Maybe he doesn't need much sleep...kind of like his papa.  (of all things mama needs most to stay happy?  sleep is #1, food is #2, hugs and a clean house are tied for #3)  Maybe this is MY lesson in letting go...

and race monster trucks...but sleep?  not so much.
My sister Rachel keeps a blog as well, and the last post she wrote was on my nephew's challenge with the water and swimming...these are very different examples, but she writes
"This was one lesson I had to learn about how I am not in control."
She goes on to say:
"It's not a contest."
Well, of course not...but I've spent a lot of time assessing my potential failings in this particular challenge AND I've heard plenty of people bragging about their children's sleep habits.  So, it must be something I'm doing OR not doing, right?  I must be able to "FIX" this, right?
And we are right back at "I am not in control!"
I'm glad to know that God has a plan and is molding US (me) into the people we (I) NEED to become in order to fulfill our purpose in this life...but I don't think I can repeat the conversation I had "with" God this evening.  There was a lot of "WHY?" and "Please Help!" and "Oh LORD, I am soo tired and hungry! Couldn't you help him sleep just this once?"  That being said, I've been able to step back and let go of "MY (haha) PLANS" for the evening.  I cooked a delicious meal, sat down to eat it without multi tasking, wrote this mind opening blog entry, and have just begun to miss my little man...always a good sign. 
But seriously, look at this beautiful could I be upset?
I may or may not be able to "fix" this.  I will probably continue to search for the KEY to Xavi's long and happy slumber. But I will gain in patience, which isn't just defined as "waiting without being a spaz or having childish fits".  It's also about developing an endurance I evidently do not yet have and will likely need in the days, months, years ahead.  I will keep learning to LET GO of my plans, my schedule, my my me me...  And I will keep trusting that the Lord has a plan for all of us. 
PLUS...the best thing Debbie reminds  me of?  "This too shall pass!  It's only temporary!" 
Oops, gotta go..there he is again and I have to brush my teeth still.
My beautiful happy boy...sleep? Nawww

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  1. All the mom's from my pre natal class still keep in touch. We have a Facebook group and, Mary Beth, you'd be surprised how many of us write about sleep. Some bragging, some begging, all seeking help with various issues. I think babies who sleep through the night are the abnormal ones. It seems to me, more babies do NOT sleep than do, despite what all the books say...Ryder does nap, when HE wants to and he still does not sleep all night. But, look at him, he cannot possibly maintain his figure without eating at least twice in the middle of the night!! LOL Just know, MB, you are not alone!! Love ya!!