Sunday, January 8, 2012

December 2011 catch up - Merry Christmas!

Two weeks after we got back from a difficult trip to Wisconsin, we headed back for one more week of work, the office Christmas party, and the holidays with family. 

Here we go again...

We always forget to take photos we finally have a nice family one and one of the two of us. 

This is Angela...people are always mistaking us for each other...we had to take a photo to see.  Well?
We were hoping for a white Christmas and although we got a dusting the day we arrived, it was a green/brown holiday.  But there was enough to take out the Flexible Flyer...getting dressed was the majority of the battle.

This child HATES getting dressed, so to add the requisite winter layers?...NIGHTMARE!

A little "chichi" makes everything better

The good news for me/us?  Mario would join us after he attended a friend's wedding reception in Portland.  I know he missed some good surfing days being in Wisconsin, but I loved having him there with us and I know Xavi did too. Mornings he spent at VitaKids and after his nap, he got to play with Papa.  I loved coming home to my boys...who were both happy to see me, and that always feels good.

Naked boy on a mission...take dirt out of Gramma's plants and put in this canister...without mom seeing.  I vaccuumed 3-4 times but was unsuccessful in distracting him from this intiguing task.

The Regers and Gramma Mimi joined us and for Christmas eve, Mario treated us all to delicious tamales and pasole.  He had some help in the kitchen preparing the goodies and we all ate a ton.  Mario was careful to ask about spices and if everyone could handle the ingredients.  We all love hot, flavorful, spicy foods and loved every bite.  At around 3 am, every non-Hispanic person  in the house had to very quickly find a toilet as the meal was apparently time released to cause simulatenous diarrhea. I thought it was just me and the person that was in the downstairs toilet at the very moment that I was sprinting for it...and my dad, who asked if I was having "movement" while I used their bathroom.  Ugh, how embarrassing.  Anyway, once we figured out it was everyone but Mario...we laughed and I even had more later that day...without incident.   

The kids couldn't wait to open presents so I guess Rachel fixed it so "Santa" would come on Christmas eve in the afternoon instead.  Too asked what to put in Xavi's stocking...paper?  balls?  He was a bit oblivious to it all and he got another fever after we went for a brisk walk.  I broke down and gave him some medicine to lower his temperature, at least so he could enjoy some cousin play time.  The visits are always way too short and suddenly, it was time to say good bye. 
Gabby and Xavi looking at the tree lights

Uncle Rog taking a turn...he says he's the master of getting kids to be continued..

Gabby and Xavi waiting for Grampa's pancakes

Gramma Mimi saying good bye...

Rachie, Xavi, and I... too short, as always

Gramma's favorite thing...surrounded by grandkids
  We got in the car ourselves and headed up to Appleton and Uncle Mark's house.  He gave us the Christmas day tickets for the Bears/Packers AND babysat for Xavi while we went.  It was a blast and not cold at all...we did have 8,000 layers on and got really lucky with the weather...but it was surely a once in a lifetime experience.  Thanks Uncle Mark and Aunt Kathy...we owe you! 
Bundled up...ready for battle at Lambeau Field

optimistic Bears fan

only at Lambeau

not as optimistic..."son of a ..."

Good times!
We headed home a few days later and there is a reason it's called "home sweet home".  It was warm, sunny, and well, home. 

My handsome happy traveling boy...on our way home

picking up chics in his "ride" at DFW
Sasha was very happy to see us...she had a few scary days when we first left.  It seems as if she's gotten "old" all of a sudden, and it hurts my heart to think that she won't be around forever.  But we've had some good talks...and she knows how much I love her.  We're starting out 12th year together, and boy, have we been through some stuff.  She's seen it all and has seen me through it all.  Thanks for hanging on Sasha, my angel. 

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  1. Mario's meal of tamales and pasole was a true gift and labor of love! Delicious...

    Our Christmas was blessed to have you all here and we were thankful for every minute.

    Love you guys! (Go Packers!)