Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Rachel, Lori Jo, me, and Julie loving on our dad.
We were very blessed to have him his as our dad.
 Today was Father's day...and I forgot to call my dad.  I got Xavi to bed, made supper, and sat down to write a quick blog about how thankful I am for my dad...and realized that I didn't make a special call in honor of the day.  I hate to forget since I know how he looks forward to our calls and loves to hear from all his girls.  But I hope he knows how much I love him EVERYDAY, not just this one "hallmark" holiday.  I did send a card...but as usual, I got it in the mailbox on Saturday...the day before the holiday.  Man, I am telling of these days :)  Any suggestions?  I am sorry Dad...I love you and I am so thankful to have had such a hard working, tender, supportive, faithful, health conscious, strong, and LOVING man as my father.  Thank you for giving me roots...and wings to fly. 

Happy Father's Day Phil and Carlos (Mario's dad)!
Today was Mario's first Father's day...and he was in class all day yesterday AND today.  Xavi and I made the most of our time together...he was happy and full of life...and he helped me pick out something special for dad.  Xavi's vote was to buy adult sized shark jammies...just like his baby sized ones!  We opted for something else and some yummy chocolate.  Happy Father's day Mario...I am so glad that we chose to go on this amazing, lifelong journey together.  I am thankful for everyday we have...good and bad...and hope for many more, side by side leading our "pack" on this adventure.   

3.5 months pregnant with Xavi.
We both had a nice surprise ...the daycare that Xavi goes to in Wisconsin sent a package that had a gift from Xavi to Dad inside.  It was a t shirt and a craft that Xavi made himself.  We both LOVED it...our first kid craft...and it is now on our mantle.  I can only imagine how hard it will be to decide what to keep and what to, gasp, throw away!  (I'm sure I'll need some moral support from those whom I have helped toss boxes of life's memories in the honor of decluttering and simplifying.  That's what friends are for, right?) Thanks VitaKids!

He painted it all by himself...he's a genius!
When we were little, Lori, Rachel, and I made our dad a Father's day cassette tape of singing, stories, and lessons (you see....)in our little kid voices full of love and joy.  And they still bring it out to embarrass us (especially me and my original songwriting/singing debut)...I am glad you kept it and hope we can find a way to preserve the memory, just as we will find a way to bottle up our days with Xavi baby. 

No toy required...
Happy Father's day... the first of a lifetime of grubby hugs and slobbery kisses (even if they become only memories once he is a teenager...).  And I'll give you an extra hug when I see you next week, ok dad?  And we can share a yummy Scruffy Dog beer, deal? 

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