Thursday, July 14, 2011

Looking out on the world

So here I am again...WAY behind on schedule.  I've been so busy catching up on work, catching up on sleep (9 pm bedtimes for 5 am wake up), catching up on summer...that my priorities have not been this blog.  But I will always catch up and someday (I keep threatening...) I will do this on a daily basis. 

Today, I just wanted to post a few photos of our precious little (not so little) man.  He's about 21 pounds and seems to be growing out of his clothes AGAIN...on to size 18 months.  And we are just over 8 months old.  He is eating solid foods...egg yolk, banana, and avocado, plus chicken, sweet potatoe, peas, and spinach.  I made liver but haven't fed it to him yet...But he does indeed still love Boobie very much.

Crawling, standing, "hotdogging" one handed, and banging his head at least once a day (much to Mario and my chagrin)...I mean, we are RIGHT THERE and there is nothing we can to do prevent it from happening.  It's hard to see him hurting and crying, but what other option is there?  A play pen to prevent the pain?  Hold him in my arms (if I had the strength) all day?.. But then we'd prevent the "learning" process of grabbing, seeing, touching, smelling, tasting (icky), feeling...and yes, head thumping that grows his nervous system, brain, and world vision. 

He loves to play on the floor with his toys...literally throwing a ball or block, chasing after it, only to throw it again.  When he tires, he looks for my legs, crawls to me, and climbs up my legs.  I HAVE to stop whatever I am doing and stay can I walk away?  And hug him tight.  He's started to hug our necks and tightly cling.  And it hurts my heart.  I love him so.

He also watches the world...through windows, through the washing machine, from the Bob stroller...watching the water and the waves roll, the grass and flowers blow, the clothes and bubbles much to see, so much to learn. 
My handsome boys

How am I so blessed?  My precious family
He LOVES the water and skinny dipped for a long time at Miss Debbie's house. He kicks, and splashes, and tries to drink it...or thinks he can breathe in it...either way, he is at home in water.

"Gramma!  Help me get out...what's in my way?"
But at the end of the day...and at least twice during the day, he re-charges his batteries and sleeps.  Better than's good to be able to move, to explore, and to be so loved. 

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  1. He is a big, cutie!! I love seeing the pics, keep 'em coming!!!!