Sunday, June 12, 2011

Minnesota-Xavi's 7th state

We flew to Minnesota for some meetings. Debbie came with and was as usual a lifesaver with Xavi.  I didn't pack any milk because I'd gotten so used to pumping on command and never had any problems with supply...We arrived the night before a full day of meetings and I pumped to leave Debbie with some milk...and got nothing.  I totally panicked so good ol' Roger took me to a bar around the block for a Guiness as a last ditch effort to relax and help get the milk going.  It worked, kind of.  But still it wasn't a quarter of what he needed...the next morning I tried again and got some plus we made some sweet potato.  Debbie did a great job making it be enough til I could get home and feed my poor starving boy.  The meetings went awesome and I was glad that we could be there.  Plus we got to see Rachel and her family, Gramma Mimi, and my friend Dawn. 

Saturday was a great day for a family bike ride...Xavi and I ran.

We went to Owen's kindergarten...can't believe how big he is!

Rachie and Rogeee

big boy bathtime...playing with Owen's toys

plenty of toys...but it was a comb that captured his attention.
Then we were off to Wisconsin...

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  1. Don't ya love hangin' with your sis? YOur boy is beautiful! He is getting sooo big!!!