Thursday, June 16, 2011

Back in Cali

We love our's small (at least in Wisconsin standards, huge for Cali), but we get lots of sun, protection from wind, and it's private.  So Xavi can sunbathe in the nude without worry of exposing himself...ok, not that he is worried about it, but he IS concerned about his farmer tan.  (heehee)  Most of the time I don't use sunscreen.  His skin is such a nice color, tans easily, and this way he's producing lots of Vitamin D. 
 We got home on Saturday night and crashed.  It was an exhausting trip home but I swear he knows when mama needs his help and everytime...he rises to the occasion.  We did have a major diaper blow out just before boarding the plane requiring an entire wardrobe change..on the floor by the gate (eeek!)  But he slept the whole flight (3+hours) from MSP to the OC, even while another baby shrieked for at least half of the trip.  Dad was there to pick us up and I was so relieved to see him.  AND have help carrying the luggage.  Sunday we were up early and went surfing!!!  Mama got a turn and it was sooo much fun.  It took me awhile to get into the swing of it but once I did, I had a bunch of sweet, long waves.  It felt like I hadn't missed almost a year of surfing.  Then, we went for breakfast at my fave - Pipes- while Xavi napped.  It was a perfect welcome home and one of those days I hope I'll always cherish. 
 Monday it was back to work but we were happy to see Miss Debbie.  We tried on a pair of our summer overalls...too small!!!  I had to take a picture since Gramma Nina gave these to Xavi and he only got to wear them once. 
 The whole week Xavi had a weird schedule as he was re-adjusting to this time zone and this routine.  He had a few cranky moments but almost always got happy when he got to be naked.  Here he is doing his hurdler's stretch.
Warm up is essential when pulling up on everything, stretching for the remote control just out of reach, and making a run for it. 

I'm out of here!  Later Mom!

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