Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hard to say good bye...

We loved being at "home" with Gramma and Grampa.  We had everything we need to feel right at home and we settled in comfortably.  Xavi enjoyed his time there and he was the happiest I've known him to be. 

Saying something profound, for sure...he IS advanced

And finds a nipple wherever he can...this was his favorite toy
A rolling pin with TWO nipples...one on each end!

Might it have been the two teeth that broke through while we were there?  Did that allow him some relief from the gnawing, naggy pain? 

Maybe it was that he started to crawl and with his new found mobility used up that extra irritating energy?  or he could now finally go after toys on his own terms with some control over his limbs? 

He woke up with a smile, met my tired face at the end of a long day with a huge, heart melting smile, and thrilled Gramma and Grampa with his grins from ear to ear.  He makes everything more meaningful and I cherish every moment I have with him.  Nothing is more important. 

And nothing makes it harder to take him away from Gramma and Grampa than their sad faces, empathising with the pain their hearts must feel.  Cause I feel it too when I have to say good bye to Xavi, if even for a few hours.    Alas, we missed Daddy waiting for us at home in Cali and so our time in Wisconsin had to come to an end.  We promise to come again. 

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