Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Memorial Weekend - Together at last

Everyone came "home"! 

Cousin Elodie "holding" the "baby".
We ALL met in Wisconsin at mom and dad's for the long weekend.  Rachel, Roger, Owen, and Gabby drove down from MN.  Jewely, Todd, Elodie, and Caleb DROVE from Colorado...with bikes.  Lori and Matt flew in from Tampa (I had never met Matt and was like the LAST one to give my approval, or NOT!...he totally passed.  what a great guy!).  AND Mario got home from  Costa Rica, jumped on another plane, and despite having tons of homework and tests to take, joined us for a weekend of family fun.  Xavi and I were both happy to see him...even hearing his voice on the phone was uplifting as we hadn't had any communication in over a week while he was traveling. 

Yay!  Daddy's here!!

Elodie wasn't thrilled that I was "helping" her.

Lori and Matt...wait a second...?!

Gramma and Grampa at their happiest
Gabby, Elodie, Xavi, and Owen

The four "Larsen" girls
(Maybe I should put the quotes around "girls" too...well, I guess it depends on what we are talking about!)
We played bean bags, drank Scruffy Dog (Dad's homemade beer) and Dad's wine, watched the Lightening play in game 7 (they lost, boo), sat on the swings, took in a Brewer's game from the Club level (awesome seats and food), and watched a slide show (literally) of mom and dad's early days.  It's always great to be together and always goes too fast.

Riding the dog (Caleb) as if he were a small horse...definitely not frowned upon.
(I love that commercial)

Taz with his Go Bolts beard...for good luck!

A rare date for us

Dad with his favorite things...beer, coffee, AND sweets!

Lori, Matt, Todd, and Dad enjoying our awesome seats (Thanks Lori and Matt)

Aunti Lori and Xavi

Julie playing games with Aunties Paula & Karen, and Gramma

Todd and Roger "Dude, you can't fit in that car..."

ummm, yeah...it's my Mario and yes, he fit! (I'm so...proud?)
When everyone left, the house was so quiet.  I was glad to still be there so that mom and dad didn't lose everyone at once.  Mario stayed an extra day and was able to spend an entire day with Xavi as I had a business trip to St Louis. I left at 7:15am and returned exhausted and relieved at 9pm.  The boys had a great day, with a little help from Gramma.  I love that he was there and had that day to spend with Xavi. 

Elodie riding her strider bike on the Emma Carlin trails with mom Julie, nervously, cheering her on. 
Memorial weekend is always nice to have that extra day to spend with family...but we always remember the reason for that day.  I am thankful for those that served our country and gave their lives for our freedom.  God bless their families and although I know the pain of loss will never go away, I hope they know that we honor them today...and every day. 
God Bless America. 
Thank you.

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