Friday, June 10, 2011

Home much to say

 We have returned from a two and a half week trip to Wisconsin (and Minnesota). There is way too much to catch up on tonight as both of us are still adjusting to Pacific time zone...but I wanted to check in since it's been so long.

You know...I bring my camera cord specifically so that I can stay up to date while we are on the road (or at Gramma's house), but somehow, I never have/make the time to post things as we go.  I know that is the point of this blog but I guess I keep running into what always kept me from keeping a journal for any length of time...the need to catch up or fill in the gaps between posts.  Only this time, I am much more determined to keep a good record of my son's early years.  So for those of you (all 5 or 10 of you) that check in with us..have faith.  I will return.  This time I left the stupid cord AT Gramma's so she had to mail it to me. of these days, I will get it together...although not any day in the near future. HA!  Now I just spend time chasing after Xavi as he crawls everywhere and gets into mischief wherever possible. 

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