Saturday, April 9, 2011

Time Flies

I was just re-reading my last post (and really can't believe a MONTH has gone by already)!  I am quite sure that anyone reading this blog will think...boy it's been a rough month!  (All that talk about usually posting when I'm happy, blah blah...?)  Really....all in all it has been a wonderful month!  A very full and busy month but wonderful all the same.  Time has just gone so fast that I hardly know where to begin.  I do have lots to catch up on and I promise that I will (albeit quickly).  But for today, I just want to get something on the record and show you how much Xavi has grown in this quick month. 

Happy Baby pose
Xavi is now FIVE months old.  He measures 27 inches long when he isn't wiggling and weighs about 18 lbs.  He talks constantly, even more than before. He's added a few new sounds to his reportoire...high pitched squeals, squeaks, and humming. 

"surrender monkey!"

Enter high pitched squeal right here...and now "I've got you monkey!  there is no escape!"
He and his dad joke around all the time.  Apparently, Xavi's papa is just hilarious.  Every time Xavi sees his dad, he smiles in a very infectious way as if to say..."hey you...aren't I cute?  does my smile make you want to smile?  let's party!".  He has a specific smile for his dad, for Miss Debbie, for Diego, for Sasha, and one for most people we meet.  All in all, he is a very happy boy, very social, and playful.
Miss Debbie and Xavi playing on the couch...he is smiling at Diego.

I was not feeling well here...Xavi was doing fine and is smiling at his dad here.
We bought a bike Burley on Craig's list for $75 (!) and tried him in it already...not quite ready. He almost tipped over.  McGyver here will rig it so that he can ride with us to breakfast.
He plays on his tummy for long periods of time; reaching, grabbing, kicking his legs like crazy...trying to move forward, but usually just moving in a circle. He loves anything that crinkles and  puts absolutely everything in his mouth.  And...he is happiest when he is naked.  So we have two "kiki" times... on sunny mornings after his first nap and just before tubby time.  Plus anytime in between when all else fails to make him stop fussing. 

Not naked this time...just watching Fox News with mom.

Thanks for hanging in there with us as life happens.  Right now, it is so sweet and each moment so precious...even the ones where I'm barely hanging on for lack of sleep or fussing by the one needing all my attention in any given moment.  When I get frustrated, I'm trying to stay conscious of the fact that this will pass all too quickly.  I am committed to staying current with this blog and will just have to figure out how to manage to do so through my rapidly failing eyelids.  And quick...before he wakes up again!

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