Monday, April 11, 2011

The Lori Jo visit

Catch up from early March:  We were so lucky to have Auntie Lori Jo come to visit us all the way from Tampa.  She got here late on Friday night after a hard day, week, month of work (She's a VP at Celestar Corporation) and was ready to relax. So we did...on the beach, at our house, going for coffee, and laughing as I do only with Lori Jo.  The added bonus that I didn't think we'd get to?  She helped me shop for a new comfy couch AND a recliner.  Our Christmas present was a gift card to go towards the purchase of a new recliner.  Little did I know that we would be able get both...

Chilling on our patio with our coffee. 

Lori and lil Xavi

Xavi loved his Auntie Lori...she's such a natural!

Little did I know that 'Big Lots' has furniture!  I'd never been in a 'Big Lots' before but...they had a one day sale, they had a set that we really liked, and they would deliver.  For anyone who's been to our house, you know we had the most uncomfortable couch EVER!  And not enough places for us, guests, and the dogs to sit...DONE!  And we love them...thanks Lori!  Now our cozy cottage is officially HOME...and it feels like it! 

Papi's new recliner
We left Xavi at home with Dad while we went to the store.  We weren't gone too long but I was getting nervous...would he have a meltdown?  We walked in and saw the following image...
Usually we take his clothes off when he's getting fussy or about to lose his mind in a tantrum.  So I was quick to assume that something had happened in my absence..."No", was the calm response.  "We were looking at the flowers and he had an explosion in his pants that required a wardrobe change." 
The rest is just amusing to look at.  My boys...
Our day at the beach was beautiful.  Mario got to surf Salt Creek and we walked in the sun.  Xavi soaked up the rays (you know, Vitamin D), slept, and read his book. 

Who's that guy?!  Looks like his "Magnum" look

Beach Bum

Mario gave Lori a treatment and apparently had an "ideal", raised skin indicating an immune, healing reaction.  She fell asleep almost immediately after the treatment...a new woman the next morning.

The good (and handsome) doctor at work

Lori's needles and response
I loved having so many visitors since Xavi's birth...I like much less the trip to the airport when it's time for everyone to go home.  Maybe someday we'll have more than the occasional, very special  long weekend...maybe not.  I just soak it all up whenever we are together.  And harrass Lori to drink more water, sleep a little  more, eat her greens, and work not too hard.  (And say hi to Matt...we can't wait to meet you!)

 I feel so blessed that Xavi has been able to meet each of our families and I'm so thankful for those that traveled so far to spend time with us.

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  1. Hi Xavi! Our little bubba Winslow has the same book I think - crinkly, and calls the butterfly a "Flutter?"

    Tell your mama we want to get all the boys together sometime!
    xx Emily, Mike and Winslow