Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

Happy Easter!

Xavi was up at 3 am...probably because he was so excited for the Easter Bunny?  Or to see his little girl friend, Noelani?  Either way, Xavi and I both went back to bed and slept until 9:30 (usually he is the only one that takes a morning nap).  So, there was pretty much no way we were going to attempt a church service.  Miss Debbie came by with a cute little Easter basket for the boy and he told her all about his rough weekend...

everything must go in the mouth first...

Still tired, he fussed his way through lunch, another nap time, slept in the car on the way to our friends, the Kumjin's, but stayed awake for Easter dinner.  He even tried to smash their glass dining table...he's been doing that a lot lately...wanting to smash stuff and getting frustrated when his limbs don't work the way he wants them to.

in the mouth..14 month old Noelani sharing her toy train with Xavi
whoa...who's steering this thing?
I think my clutch is sticking...but I don't care cause I got a pretty girl by my side. 

Maybe it's the weather...chilly and cloudy...that's got him "down".  But this has definitely been one of those weekends when he whines constantly and I am sure ready for a break.  My instinct is to "find" what's wrong with him and FIX it...I want to know WHY he seems miserable.  Sigh...I guess it is one of those mysteries that may or may not ever be answered and another instance of relinquishing control...sigh.   Until then I will stop drinking my evening glass of Guiness (for milk production, of course)...and pray for sunshine.

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