Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sunny days

Sometimes a picture says it all

Daddy petting both the "kids"

And both showing their tummies for more

Even if the sun doesn't shine outside...we catch a glimpse everyday no matter what. 
He's the light of our life.

We had our six month check up today...90th percentile for length (27 1/4), 65th % for weight (17.6), and 65th for head size. Maybe he'll be tall and slender yet oh so strong?  Is it too soon to tell?  heehee  Either way, Xavi's in great health and wouldn't sit still for any of it.  Mario and I took turns juggling him from sitting to standing to squirming over one shoulder to the other while the doctor poked and checked...and tried to talk in between (and over) his outbursts and exclamations. Like I said...the light of our life.  Thank you Lord for our healthy boy.    

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