Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Day" at the Beach

Weeks since dad's last free weekend - 5

Days anticipating  a day at the beach and possible surf session - 7

Minutes spent getting beach things together - 45

Number of cars waiting in line for a spot on the beach - 25

Minutes unloading the van and setting up pack n play at the beach - 15'

Hours dad got to surf - 1

Total nap taken - 30 minutes

Hours mom got to surf - 0

Minutes to pack entire ensemble up again - 30

Memories made of  a "day" cut very short due to windy weather and a whiny boy -

Never fear...all was not lost as we went home to get out of the wind and enjoyed some sun in our protected little yard...and napped, again.
My boys in their trunks...just hanging out

Please forgive us...

We had a nice walk in the sunshine
Kiki time before tubby time

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