Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gramma Mama week

Gramma arrived partway through Grampa's visit.  Thanks to her school administration, she was able to visit for a week by giving her extra days off in order to come out for a week.  We spent some time relaxing Gramma style...which means we were very busy.  She helped me by holding babies, playing with big boys, doing dishes, and just being there.  She also did what she does best...sweep?  Ask any of my sisters...our mom is the queen of the "clean sweep".  I've never seen anyone sweep as clean and efficiently as she does.  But as I mentioned there has been a bit of a rodent problem (that is clearing up but I'm still not ready to talk about) around here lately and I needed to clean up the storage area on the side of the house.  Too much stuff.  Too many cozy places for rodents.  I could never do it by myself.  So - One afternoon, between naptime and dinnertime, we moved everything, threw out crap, cleaned filth, reorganized stuff, AND swept it Gramma style...all while we juggled babies.  We did it!  And then cooked up dinner (after washing up) and had some wine.  All in all...gramma and grampa came to visit...helped do chores (both everyday and big jobs), loved my boys, and gave me support that only mom and dad can.  When they were both gone...we were all pretty sad.  Xavi takes it pretty hard when our visitors leave but after a few days, he's settled back in to our routine and quiet little life.   Thank you  for filling in our lives for these two weeks and making more wonderful memories:
soaking up sun at San O'

sharing s'mores with gramma (a treat reserved ONLY for gramma and grampa time)

gramma got some sand between her toes on a beautiful day

my momma...what a cutie

she got Nico to sleep...

she caught us playing at the beach

what's better than lying on the sand in just your diaper?

can you see Nico smile?  his brother loves to hold him and I swear he was smiling

gramma brought him in where the action Xavi was getting a bath.  Where to sit?

holding hands with gramma on the way to the beach and pier

wait a second!!  That's a big truck...gotta go check that out

Xavi and gramma checking out the scene

watching the waves and the surfers
I'd give almost anything for you to be here for bedtime every night.  I am glad you have grampa to take good care of you and for you to take good care of grampa...I/We miss you everyday and so we'll just have to see you again soon.  That means, we'll have to brave traveling to Wisconsin this winter.  Just have some hot cocoa and a nice fire waiting for us when we get there.  I hope you have enough sunshine stored up in your soul to make it through...November?  Love you Momma...come back soon.

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  1. It was a wonderful visit. I miss you all so much but we made many memories for me to bring home with me.
    Love you,
    Grmma Mama