Friday, November 23, 2012


I am thankful for a GOD that can make us mindful with everyday beauty...a sunset, the ocean.  He has blessed us more than I can say and certainly more than I deserve.
so yes, I am thankful for GRACE: The act of showing forgiveness, kindness, but mostly LOVE when it is not deserved or "earned".  Without it, life is miserable...sometimes hard to give but always a blessing when given. 
I am thankful for JOY.  My boys bring me soul deep happiness every day in many little ways.  Big smiles and dimples are just two examples.

   I am thankful for my, dad, Gramma Mimi, sisters Jewely, Lori Jo, and Rachel, brothers Todd, Matt, and Roger, munchkins Owen, Elodie, and Gabby, hairy kids Sasha, Ponch, and Diego, and of course my Mario, Xavi, and Nico.

   I am thankful for DEEP BELLY LAUGHS such as I know best when I am with my sisters.  I wish them many many more.  It's amazing for me to see how early Nico has responded to his big brother and warms my heart to know that they'll have each other forever.

 I am thankful for ANGELS like our Debbie.  I know that I've had other angels in my life, some that I know are there and some that I can't see.  She is a beautiful, tangible example of all the goodness that true friends bring to our lives.

 I am thankful for BIG TRUCKS.  They bring Xavi so much happiness and me wonderful moments of peace.
 I am thankful for two arms to hold both of them close to my body, close to my heart.  Although I would say I am thankful for SLEEP...there isn't a lot of that happening on a regular basis...but I am thankful for that special time at night that I can listen to them breathe deeply the safe, secure, and restful breath of happy and loved children.  I hold them in each arm and memorize their weight so that I will always remember these beautiful sleepless nights.  Storing them up for those future mornings when I will awake rested, but missing precious snores in my ear all night and sweet messy kisses at first light.

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