Sunday, November 25, 2012

Love us some Auntie Lori Jo

Lori came to visit us the week before Thanksgiving for just a few days...but when she left, she left a giant hole. Usually I worry most about how Xavi will handle saying good bye to our visitors.  It seems to take him a little while to enjoy having them there but then when they leave, it takes a few days for him to get used to them being gone.  This time, Xavi didn't have a chance to warm up to Lori...she came bounding in as only Lori does, scooped him up and they were best buds from the start.  He let her read him stories, played train up her legs and over the mountains (haha), and asked her to carry him.  Lori also rocked little Nico to sleep, changed diapers, did dishes, and in general, got us in ship shape.  I loved having her here, having her felt one of those things you wish for all the time but then when she is in our little cottage, I couldn't quite believe it.  So when she was especially hard and I felt really down for the first time since Mario left.  Funny thing is that Rachel left me a voicemail without knowing how I was doing, and she said "I hope you aren't too sad.  I know Auntie Lori is such a big presence and is such fun that it's extra hard when she leaves".  And its true.  She's a very special friend and very special person.  There's no one like her.  My favorite thing about her visits?  That she brings a huge suitcase and almost always wears the same thing the whole time.  hee hee
We miss you and can't wait til next time.  Here's some shots from our visit:

Xavi found Lori's necklace and kept putting it on.  I think it goes perfectly with his outfit.

We watched this digger while out on a walk.

he got tired of walking and reached up to her..she didn't hesitate.

Does Auntie Lori need the pacifier or was it Nico?

Decorating brother is such fun...

Our flower child

Xavi's new special bed when we have guests...reading Llama Llama while he jumps around.  

Dancing over brother, while nude...I wasn't sure Nico would appreciate the view

And of course, we didn't take a photo together until she was leaving...and we weren't looking our best.  Oh well.
See you soon dear friend.  

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