Saturday, October 27, 2012

Nico Burrito

Our little Nico has the sweetest spirit.  He has his fussy times (6-8pm) and if mama eats something disagreeable to his little tummy, we all hear about it.  (It's funny how farts make little ones so upset.  It's also funny how amusing big farts sound coming out of such little bodies.  And again, it's funny that at my age, farts are still funny. oh well...)  But there is something very mellow about him that is different than Xavi. 

 They can both be intense but in different ways.  Nico is still intense and has shown a bit of a temper, especially when in the car or being held by someone new that is NOT mama.  He has a way of looking at you that is beyond his age (almost 6 whole weeks!)...very calm as he quietly assesses you with his big dark eyes.

 He loves riding in the Moby wrap, sleeping cuddled close to mom, and hearing brother's voice.

 Big brother Xavi has his ups and downs in regards to his it was evident that he is feeling jealous and wants to be held as much as Nico.  He may have a bit of a tummy bug, so who can blame him.  Don't we all want our moms when we don't feel well?  He got a bit too close a time or two but Nico was swept away by me and/or Gramma just in time.  Poor little guy...already getting wrestled by big brother.

Nico had his first bath last week...I know!  It took me 5 weeks to get him wet but really, he wasn't dirty and still smelled sweet.  But Gramma was coming and so I thought we ought to give haircuts and take baths...

Big Brother loves to "hold" Nico and here he was being very sweet while Gramma watched over the interaction.  He kissed brother and held him tight...  Being a mom of two boys is both very rewarding and very challenging...especially with one that is not quite two.  I sleep with one under each arm and so I'm never lonely at night...quite a blessing since I've been missing Mario so much.  I'm beginning to see that they have me quite surrounded and that I'm definitely outnumbered.  It takes two to raise two...(those of you with 3 and 4?  You people are in trouble, but you kind of asked for it - HAHA!  I'm so just kidding!  That could be us someday, you just never know!) 
But I am getting better at juggling the two on my own and I'm so thankful for all the help i've been given.  I know we have hard days ahead and probably more tears..but for today and tonight, we are at peace knowing that we have each other.  I feel peaceful knowing that I have two little pieces of Mario to keep me company while he is off being our hero.  

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  1. Beautiful boys! I will miss you.
    Gramma Mama