Monday, October 15, 2012

Church clothes

I have been wanting to get back to church and figured that now is as good a time as any.  I just got Xavi some cute new fall clothes and to get my money's worth we needed somewhere to show them off...haha  We met Debbie at her church near our house and...watched the service on TV.  I got the three of us dressed, some breakfast, and out the door in be early!

 They had a garbage truck and Thomas trains! And a nursery attached to the kids room with a TV, couch, and so Xavi got to try out "church" while having mom close by.
 Debbie and I watched the service on the TV.  Maybe next week, we'll get to sit in the sanctuary while Xavi plays happily.  If we go regularly, I want it to be a fun experience for handsome lil man...not painful because  I leave him in daycare.  A big step for all of us, but having done it for the first time...I figure it should get easier every time, right?  Amen!

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