Saturday, October 27, 2012

Super Grampa

Grampa drove out here from Wisconsin (with stops to visit Julie in Colorado and Uncle Jimmy in Arizona).  We got to have him here for a whole week and it was as always way too short.  He helped me with a few important projects like stroller storage, rodent containment (a whole other story that I'm not ready to get into right now), auto maintenance, diaper changes, Xavi playtime, baby Nico holding, and most importantly, he brought me some of his home brew!  Matter of fact, there wasn't much he didn't do!  Breakfast and dinners, dishes and walks...I loved having him here.  Xavi loved having him here and it breaks my heart knowing how nice it would be to live closer, see him more often, and NOT have to say good bye for so long.  Here are some highlights:

Grampa took over big truck watching duties

Making friends with little sweet Nico (Thanks for the shirt Julie!)

Xavi walking instead of riding in the stroller down to the beach (Thanks for the hoody Julie!)

Xavi's obsessed with his Thomas and friends trains...he lines them all up in just the right order and Grampa learned to NOT touch unless Xavi asked for helped to move them to another location...haha we've ALL learned that lesson.

Grampa holding Nico while mama got some much needed sleep (a 20 minute nap!)

Holding Grampa's hand as we walked through Costco (we went for 2 things and left with 7?)

"Helping" grampa set up the new stroller shed

Bonfire on the beach!!!  That has been on my list since I moved here...Yay!  

"Helping" grampa carve pumpkins

Playing with trucks and diggers on the beach

Sunset at San Onofre

Rough housing with Grampa

Going for a the "nude" beach (ages 2 and under only)
Self inflicted shot at sunset...Fun times!

See Grampa?  They work!!!  Thank you, Love you, Come back soon!!

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