Friday, October 19, 2012

Settling in

I am happy to report that things in the Melendez family are becoming more "normal".  It's almost 4 and a half weeks since little Nico joined us (outside of my body) and it's been really hard to find time to update our status.  Ok, I still am finding it difficult to get ANYTHING done on any "normal" given day, including regular updates here...but I had to try and get it documented that we are doing better.
happy days are here again

Of course, we miss the head of our family as Papa is at "work" but we have been able to Skype regularly even with the big time difference.  Xavi knows he is working and I know he misses him...but it seems as if as long as mama is constant, all is ok in the world.  We've had a LOT fewer meltdowns in the last two weeks and I almost have my happy boy back.
getting Nico's birth certificate...he"s a real boy!

happiest playing in the dirt

Of course, when "we" are tired, hungry, bored, or someone "new" comes around...things get a little touchy.  But he loves his brother:   loves to "help" me change him, get him up from his nap when he wakes up, and demands that I bring him when we are heading out in the car.  Nico stares at Xavi and follows him with his eyes the best he can and definitely knows his voice.  Now the problem is that sometimes when one starts crying, the other joins in.

Of course they are sharing "chi chi" and make eye contact during that special time.  I know they will be best friends and I can't wait for that.  i've had friends share their own stories and photos about the bonds of brotherly love and I am so thankful.  I feel like a big mama piggy while they are having this special moment but since I know that this is temporary and NOT going to last for long and that this is the best thing I can do for both of them...I am ok with feeling temporarily like a piggy.

no caption needed

And of course, we are thankful that we've had family and other help reach out to us during this challenging time.  Xavi is still a bit wary of everyone that comes in the door but thats ok.  He warms up in his own time and way.  Nico is happiest in mama's arms and I'm remembering how to wear the Moby all day just in case.
guess what we are watching...

BIG TRUCKS! Trash day

Nico Felipe and Grampa Phillip

Gramma Nina 

Xavi wasn't the only one needing Grampa time

We are settling in to our new "normal"...if I was watching it on TV it might be funny...but we are getting there and I am figuring out how to fit in a quick tooth brushing every day. (Just in time for things to change or a tooth to come in or someone to hit a growth spurt...)  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...
handsome #1

handsome #2

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