Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mama's Birthday

I woke up at 530 but mama said that I had to sleep a little bit longer.  For some reason, I thought it was important that I did.  So, I fell back asleep until almost 7...then I grabbed mom's face by her nose hole and pulled her face towards mine for a big kiss.  I think that is the best way to start the day.  THEN papa called and I could tell it was because my mom always smiles really big...her voice also changes and gets all nice and stuff.  I said HI and told him about po-yees and that I'll see him in Hawaii in two sleeps.

THEN Gramma and Grampa called and I got to talk to them too.  THEN Auntie Liz stopped by to give my mom cards but I'm a little bit scared of her ever since she almost dropped me when i was a baby, so I cried and ran to mama so she could "protect" me.  THEN Miss Debbie came WITH breakfast tacos and chocolate.  It was yummy...once I realized that mom was staying around, I played a little bit with Debbie and let her hug and kiss me a little bit.  THEN we went for a walk down the street, played with the neighbor doggies, and picked flowers for mama.  She put one in Diego's collar but I didn't approve and took it out.  We had lunch and talked to Gramma Nina and Grampa Carlos.  Cousin AJ said HI and told us about going to the Air Force pretty soon.  I made gorilla and monkey noises for them.  Nap time was really nice...almost 2 hours.  for some reason, mom was very happy after nap time and we snuggled a bit.  We decided to head to the beach after snack.

 I love the beach and we took my digger and big truck of course plus bucket and shovels.  Mom got us a snow cone to was cold but yummy.  I went down the slide a bunch and watched the trains go rumbling past.  Mom talked to Auntie Lori for a bit.  I missed Diego and Sasha and asked if we could go home.  So we did and I got to feed them.  I'm really good at it now.

Auntie Rachie called and they talked while mom got dressed, changed my diaper, got me dressed, and packed the bag with snacks/toys to go out.  The best part of my day?  Our neighbors Miss Jarie and Mister Eric took us OUT for PIZZA!  I got to go, bringing my digger and big truck of course and they gave me a new race car.  I ate a little bit but mostly watched the trucks and cars go flying by then ran around while Jarie chased me.  Mom got to sit and eat and she got to have adult conversation with her friends.  She was really happy and relaxed...she laughed too.

On the way home, I asked for more pizza and ate almost a whole piece all by myself in the quick trip back. Mom got to talk to the neighbors while I played in the dirt, threw the ball for Copper, and Mister Eric lifted me up to the basketball hoop so I could dunk.  Mom was very happy and relaxed...she got me cleaned up in the tub, dressed in jammies, read stories, and in bed really fast...which I was happy about since I am exhausted!  It was a good day and I'm really glad because I think she was a bit sad that Papa wasn't going to be with us.  I am too but knowing that we'll see him in just two days makes me very happy.  Thank you to everyone that made my mom's day so special.  Thank you for the cards and little gifts.  Thank you for thinking of her even if she is far away or life is busy.  Thank you for going out of your way to remind her that she is special even if she is getting a little old....and huge with my baby brother.  Happy Birthday Mama!

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