Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ponies (aka Po-yees)

Watching horses race always makes me cry...maybe it's all the racehorse movies that I've watched:  Pharlap, Seabiscuit, waterworks during those films.  It's embarrassing..just ask Mario.  But it doesn't matter when I see horses race...I always choke up and tears well up in my eyes.  So when we went to Del Mar for Family Fun Day (courtesy of the Navy), I wasn't sure how I was going to show it all to Xavi.

We had a great day!  We were in the infield and saw the horses race by with front row seats.  Xavi was enthralled and except for the first race, I could cheer the horses on as they flew by.  Once I found my way around the lump in my throat, I could clap and yell for the "po-yees"- go "Fast".  In between races, Xavi watched the tractors and the big trucks and the other ponies.  There was never a dull moment.  We tried a funnel cake (a first for both of us) and some "Hawaiian" ice.

There was a kids area with free pony rides and bouncy obstacle courses/houses.  Xavi wouldn't go ON the ponies but he sat and watched and watched them go round and round.  He only paused to ask me for his "digger" when he realized the ground was perfect for digging and picking up sticks.  (It was FILTHY!)   Xavi was a bit small for the bouncy houses but I climbed up WITH him so we could go down the bouncy slide together.  Halfway up, I thought that I surely hadn't completely thought this through, but had to keep going or else...

Our friends, Kelly and Dan plus their boys, James and Jake were there too.  Xavi had a great time playing with them, chasing, running through puddles, and of course, hugging.  We had a great time and I was thankful to have new friends...for both of us.

It was a long day but it's not the beginning of an interest in "po-yees"...we are just curious how long it will last.  I have been looking for a stuffed pony for him to play with and feed grass to.  We figure that's the safest place to start.  At least I won't have to clean up a stuffed horse's poop...that's a win win for me.

Work hard Papa!  If he wants to ride "po-yees", we'll need to be wealthy or lucky...maybe a bit of both.

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