Sunday, August 12, 2012

Taking a friend "home"

We lost Ponch in May after an acute bout of pancreatitis and organ failure.  He was living in Texas with Gramma and Grampa and although they took good, loving care of him until the end, there was nothing else to do but release him to doggy heaven.  We didn't get to say good bye and it felt surreal that he was really gone forever.  No more Ponch hugs or "one eye" moments.  He lived with us just a short time but he had a way of taking over every place (and most moments) that he left a big hole behind.  We missed him when he was in Texas but always thought he'd live for at least 25 years, bringing us many more memories and laughs.  We thought our kids would grow old with him.  But you really never know.  And he is gone.  

We had him cremated and took his ashes with us on our recent trip to Hawaii.  He went on one last hike with Mario, Xavi, and I. Mariner's Ridge is a hike that he did regularly with Mario while living in Hawaii.  There is a memorial for Mario's teammates and it was a special place for them.  And so he went "home" to Hawaii and a special place to remember him.  We may never have another Ponch but I'll always cherish the memories and moments that we had... Including having to LOCK the refrigerator before leaving for any length of time, seeing him sit next to me in the car a vigilant navigator, hugging him and putting our heads together so as to see "one eye" one last time in El Paso, and the way he looked at and loved Mario.  Rest in Peace Ponch.  We will always love you.

Ponch would have wanted us to "party" even in serious we did our best in his honor to have light in our hearts and think of all the things we loved about him.  We imagined him on our hike..lagging behind on the way up but then surging to the front on the way down.  Staying close and looking up at us with a wink and a smile even though he was sure he was not going to make it without a snack or two.  We love you Ponch.  We hope to find your spirit again.  

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